dean chair supernatural press 'Supernatural': Abaddon, is that you?

“Supernatural” fans couldn’t have even five minutes to rejoice over the return of human Dean (or to mourn the awesomeness of Deanmon, depending on your perspective) before they were greeted with a much more sinister force. 
The final tag of the Oct. 21 episode of “Supernatural” starts with a slow pan to a red head sitting in a chair. Is that Charlie? Hearts begin to race. Then she dabs a napkin to something spilled on her arm. Could it be Abaddon back to bring some kick-butt female power to Hell? 
Unfortunately not, much to the dismay of many “Supernatural” live tweeters. This is a new mysterious redhead. As the camera pans up to show two hotel worker corpses bleeding from the ceiling, audiences can guess that this lady is not going to be a fun time for the Winchesters. Is she going to be more of handful for them or Crowley though?

It figures, considering Castiel said moments beforehand, “Things are quiet out there.” The angel jinxed it. Things are never quiet, and what world is he living in that he thinks Heaven and Hell are “reasonably in order”? Crowley may have temporarily restored his grace but the demon definitely doesn’t have Hell under control and Castiel still has a bunch of angels that are not stoked on returning to Heaven. Call it a hunch but this new arrival doesn’t seem like the type to help things move back into balance.
On the brightside, Dean seems to be back to normal and the brothers can begin to repair the damage of the past few weeks. Dean did try to kill Sam with a hammer so they have some things to work out. He’s also still sporting the Mark of Cain, which as Castiel tried to warn, needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later before human Dean also feels the urge to go on a killing spree. 
In the next episode the brothers are back in hunting action — but who do you think this new mystery villain could be? 
“Supernatural” airs 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 
Posted by:Megan Vick