supernatural rowena girls girls girls 'Supernatural' Season 10: Meet Rowena, the mother of all evil

There’s a new big bad on “Supernatural” and she is a mother of trouble to deal with. 
Fans were first introduced to Rowena in “Soul Survivor” when she was found calmly reading a book as three bleeding corpses hung from the ceiling above her. For weeks her identity has been up for speculation but in Tuesday’s (Nov. 25) episode “Girls, Girls, Girls,” audiences were able to get to know Rowena pretty well. 
She’s a “natural” witch, meaning she was born with her magical talent. She was banished from the Grand Coven because her magic was deemed “too extreme.” By the looks of what she did to Raul and that poor waiter it seems that Rowena definitely has some anger issues she should work on. 
However, it’s not just the Winchesters that are in trouble with this new witch in town. It turns out she’s Crowley’s mother to deal with. That’s right, the King of Hell comes face to face with mommy dearest at the end of the episode for the jaw dropping closing. 
By the way Rowena taunts him from her chains in his dungeon, mom and son do not have the best relationship. In fact, Crowley is at a complete loss of words when it comes to seeing his mother again. If Rowena can put that level of fear into the demon herder himself than she must be even more trouble than suspected. 
Those who were disappointed that Abaddon met her demon end may feel better about this red head evil queen now they see what power she possesses. Now the question is will Crowley team up with the Winchesters once again to take her down or will he and mom be able to patch things up and cause some havoc as a team? 
Find out when “Supernatural” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 
Posted by:Megan Vick