It all came down to this. After Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) brought together Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and his witch mother (Ruth Connell), Lucifer and the Hand of God, Castiel (Misha Collins) and his angels … and God to fight the Darkness (Emily Swallow), the team was faced the aftermath of their failure on Wednesday’s Season 11 finale of “Supernatural.” Titled, “Alpha and Omega,” the episode opened with God (Rob Benedict) dying, Lucifer ripped from Castiel’s body and the gang pretty much admitting defeat.

While it seems like Dean and Castiel would prefer to drink away their final hours on Earth, it’s Sam that does his best to rally their morale to continue fighting. While the effort to put Amara back in her cage was easily thwarted, could straight up killing her do the trick? God balked at presenting her weakness as she is still family and he still loves her. Yet, when he does reveal the one thing that would kill the Darkness, it seemed a bit anticlimactic. You see, the biggest weakness … of the Darkness … is light. It’s light, you guys. A whole bunch of light.

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To be specific, the light in question would be the equivalent of 10,000 suns set to supernova. With God dying, the only other option the team can find that would contain that much light are souls. Where are a bunch of souls waiting to be captured? Why, the Waverly Hills Sanitarium of course! Thusly, Sam and Dean venture out on a ghost-busting mission in the abandoned mental hospital. It was an odd segue but one that caught the attention of Billie the Reaper (Lisa Berry) and soon, she showed off her skills in collecting 100,000 souls in just a few seconds.

Now that the large amount of light had been captured — to be clear, the souls of ghosts are a treasure trove! — Rowena stepped in to create a soul bomb (not to be confused with Soy Bomb) and then planted this bundle of living batteries in Dean’s chest. After-all, he’s the one that can get the closest to Amara. So, in mere seconds, “Supernatural” goes from fun and cheesy to dark and depressing as everyone begins to come to grips with Dean’s pending demise. It’s when he hands over the keys to the Impala to Sam that audiences everywhere probably got a bit choked up. Yet, all this setup lead to one yawn-worthy climax.

A common theme on the series is family and after all the hullabaloo, it just took a few words from Dean to convince Amara to seek forgiveness from her brother. Boom, the sun is fixed and Earth is suddenly healthy again. No more pending apocalypse and Dean’s light bomb is removed from his chest. But, it wouldn’t be truly “Supernatural” if some sort of cliffhanger wasn’t presented … and one definitely is.

Visited by a mysterious member of the London chapter of the Men of Letters, Sam is suddenly being held at gunpoint. Apparently, Sam and Dean are wanted for all the mischief they’ve caused with their hunting shenanigans. Believing Dean is dead, Sam tries to call her bluff as he moves toward her but he was so wrong as she fires off a round. Is Sam dead? No, he can’t be. There’s another season coming. At the very least, if he is … he won’t stay that way. This is “Supernatural” we’re talking about here.

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Elsewhere — in time, we’re assuming — Amara sent Dean back to reunite with his mother. In a plot-line reminiscent of “The Flash” Season 2 finale, we can only assume whatever actions Dean makes in the past will affect the present drastically. Or, maybe it won’t. The CW hasn’t been known for tying up all the loose ends left from traveling through time. Still, after all these years, it’ll be interesting to see what Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) has to say for herself.

“Supernatural” Season 12 premieres in the fall on The CW.

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