Season 12 of “Supernatural” has introduced a new element into Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) lives, forever changing their hunting dynamic: The British Men of Letters.

This elite group of monster-hunters has struggled in partnering with the Winchesters — of course, torturing Sam is never the best method of opening a dialog. Still, it seems the boys have come a long way since the beginning of Season 12, and Thursday’s (April 6) episode will find Sam, Dean and Mary (Samantha Smith) joining the BMoL on a mission.

When thinking of the Winchesters, the term “family business” comes to mind. It’s worth noting that with every solid hunting partnership the boys have had — whether it was with Bobby (Jim Beaver), Rufus (Steven Williams), Jody (Kim Rhodes) or Mary — there’s always been a commonality bonding the group together, adding emotional meaning to whatever case they’re working.

This is why their partnership with the British Men of Letters concerns us. As we’ve seen, the BMoL’s strategy lacks any real empathy — opting for the kill monsters first, ask questions later method. That isn’t how the Winchesters operate — and that stark difference will certainly cause problems.

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Is it possible Sam and Dean can make things work with the British Men of Letters? Let’s take a closer look…

Lady Toni Bevell
(Elizabeth Blackmore)

supernatural season 12 toni Not quite family business: Can the Winchesters make this British Men of Letters partnership work?

You all remember Toni, right? She was the first person from the British Men of Letters that Sam and Dean met. Needless to say, things didn’t go swimmingly: With the assistance of Ms. Watt (Bronagh Waugh), Toni had Sam tortured with a blow torch.

She was sent back to London for disobeying orders, so there’s a good chance she won’t be popping back up anytime soon. But if she does…

Question: Can Sam and Dean work with Lady Toni Bevell?
Verdict:  Definitely not.

Arthur Ketch
(David Haydn Jones)

supernatural david haydn jones arthur ketch Not quite family business: Can the Winchesters make this British Men of Letters partnership work?

We’re a bit up in the air when it comes to Mr. Ketch. He’s got superb hunting skills, but he’s also clinically psychotic.

Then again, his brief partnership with Dean in “The Raid” (March 2) found the men working quite well together. Still, we have a feeling Sam and Dean won’t take things in stride once they discover that Ketch here has been killing all the monsters they’ve spared.

Question: Can Sam and Dean work with Mr. Ketch?
Iffy proposition… But doable.

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Mick Davies
(Adam Fergus)

supernatural season 12 mick davies Not quite family business: Can the Winchesters make this British Men of Letters partnership work?

Of all the British Men of Letters we’ve seen, Mick is the only one who’s proven he can work with Sam and Dean. In “Ladies Drink Free” (March 30) Mick’s experience hunting with the boys teaches him a worthwhile lesson along the way: Not all monsters deserve to be killed.

His addition to the team gave Sam and Dean some cool new hunting tools and in return, Mick’s picked up some mandatory survival skills he probably would’ve never learned back home.

Question: Can Sam and Dean work with Mick Davies?
Verdict: Totally. 

supernatural season 12 ladies drink free Not quite family business: Can the Winchesters make this British Men of Letters partnership work?

What happens when Mick is back with the rest of his group? Will a mob mentality take over, influencing him to go back to his old ways? We’d like to say no… But we’ve got a bad feeling about this whole thing.

One thing’s for sure: With such a drastically different moral compass guiding the way, the Winchester family is about to be tested in a whole new way.

“Supernatural” Season 12 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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