“Supernatural’s” Thursday (March 30) return not only presented Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) with a monster-hunt that hit close to home, the team ended up learning a valuable lesson in compassion.

After “The Raid,” (the March 2 episode), it quickly became clear to the British Men of Letters that the Winchesters have a huge leg up when it comes to hunting skills. But working with Mick Davies (Adam Fergus) does come with some nice perks: Three-star hotels and a spy-like panache earn the BMoL man some quick respect from the boys — but it doesn’t last too long.

Their investigation into a local werewolf attack puts Mick in a quandary of sorts. His tactic for dressing as Hayden’s (Abby Ross) doctor was something Sam and Dean may have never thought of, but when he discovered the girl’s wolf bite, he lied to the boys about her dire state. That dishonesty quickly sent things into a tailspin: Killing the girl in self-defense, the huge moral and ethical differences between The Winchesters’ style of hunting and that of the British Men of Letters come to the fore.

supernatural 1216 adam fergus jared padalecki jensen ackles cw Compassion is The Winchesters number one rule in Supernatural monster hunting

Hunting monsters should be cut-and-dry, right? As we’ve continually learned through Sam and Dean’s travels, this line of work is complicated — it’s never black and white, but layers upon layers of gray. It’s a lesson Dean faced head-on when he was trapped in purgatory back in Season 8 — befriending a vampire named Benny (Ty Olsson) ultimately saved his life. And this lesson is delivered again once Claire (Kathryn Love Newton) unexpectedly joins the case.

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She may have some impressive hunting skills, but it doesn’t take long before the adopted daughter of Sheriff Jody Mills got bitten by the same exact werewolf. You know, whenever Claire shows up in the series, Dean tends to go into full on dad mode. And as she slowly transformed underneath that full moon, their emotional bond became too much for Dean to bear.

The most engaging aspect of “Ladies Drink Free,” however, was Mick’s discovery that he’s been operating on the wrong instincts this whole entire time.

supernatural 1216 kathryn love newton claire cw Compassion is The Winchesters number one rule in Supernatural monster hunting

His dishonesty about Hayden, and inclination to kill any supernatural being with blind abandon, put Mick on rocky ground with Sam and Dean early on. But their confrontation with werewolf Claire found Mick to be the hero the boys needed. Instead of putting a bullet in her when he had the chance, he took the compassionate route and ultimately saved the girl’s life.

The British Men of Letters are full of surprises, to be sure. But a blood therapy that can reverse the signs of lycanthropy? Now we’ve seen everything. The cure may have only worked in rodents up until this point, but this is “Supernatural” and as frightening as things get, the show doles out plenty of hope as well. And after all was said and done, this near-death moment ended up bringing everyone closer together.

Honestly, we weren’t sure how Sam and Dean would work with any of the BMoL. But after viewing Thursday’s episode, we have some faith that Sam, Dean and Mick will make an okay team moving forward. But what about Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones)? Remember, he’s the one whose tied up all of Sam and Dean’s loose ends. And when we say “loose ends,” we mean killing every monster they’ve spared. When the boys eventually find this out — there will surely be hell to pay.

“Supernatural” Season 12 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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