One of the fan favorite characters that’s been missing from recent seasons of “Supernatural” has been The Trickster. Yes, he technically died in Season 5 but Gabriel was brought back in Season 9 when Metatron played his own little trick on Castiel. But while the troublemaking angel has long-since left the series, the actor who plays him — one Richard Speight, Jr. — is continuing to make his presence felt behind the camera.

We have recently learned that Speight has returned to direct his second episode of “Supernatural” for Season 12. While we’re unsure of the story as it’ll play out, just yet, his return probably points to some much-needed levity coming the Winchesters’ way. After all, battling Lucifer and getting locked up for treason can leave you in quite a dark place!

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On Dec. 2, 2015, the Season 11 episode titled, “Just My Imagination,” premiered, officially marking Speight’s transition from character actor to television director. His directorial debut on The CW’s long-running genre gave us an even level of quirkiness, heart and, of course, horror. As you’ll recall, the episode delved into Sam Winchester’s (Jared Padalecki) childhood as his old imaginary friend, Sully (Nate Torrance), resurfaced to solve an odd murder after all these years.

A year later, Speight has been keeping busy with his Comic-Con HQ web series “Kings of Con” — co-starring “Supernatural’s” God (aka Rob Benedict). But that doesn’t mean he’s turned his back on his directorial aspirations. With his second episode in the can, it’s possible he’ll continue returning to the genre series.

In 2015, he told us why “Supernatural” is the perfect fit to hone his craft: “‘Supernatural’ is as close to a home show as I have and because of the convention circuit and the continual random appearances of Gabriel, I have never not been a part of that show since Season 2.”

Season 12 will return in January 2017, with Richard Speight Jr’s episode of “Supernatural” set to air Thursday, Feb. 9, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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