It’s been a few years since NBC’s “Chuck” went off the air and the network has finally decided to deliver a new program that takes place in another box store environment. This isn’t the Buy More, folks. This is Cloud 9!

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In this Zap2it exclusive clip, viewers get an inside look behind-the-scenes of the new midseason comedy. Starring America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty”) as Amy and Ben Feldman (“Mad Men”) as Jonah, the series aims to bring the laughs. From Justin Spitzer — executive producer of “The Office” — comes a familiar tale as who among us has not visited a Target/K-Mart/WalMart at least once?

The world of retail is already an odd one, to be sure, and with Black Friday right around the corner, NBC’s timing with “Superstore” feels pretty much on point.

The series also stars Mark McKinney (“The Kids in the Hall”) as Glenn, Lauren Ash (“Another Period”) as Dina, Colton Dunn (“Parks and Recreation”) as Garrett, Nico Santos (“Mulaney”) as Mateo, and Nichole Bloom (“Shameless”) as Cheyenne.

“Superstore” will be preview its pilot episode on Monday, Nov. 30 at 10:00 pm PT/ET before officially premiering on January 4th on NBC.

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