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survivor 1 Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge

Fire represents life, Figgy.

Zeke and Michelle teamed up with David and Chris to send CeCe packing, Adam voted with the Gen Xers to break up the Figgy/Taylor showmance, and David used his Immunity Idol to save Jessica — then immediately found a second Idol.


Last week was a pretty good comeback for Venua: They won the Reward Challenge and got to enjoy a feast of chicken and shrimp prepared by a professional chef, and Chris is still by far the best competitor in the tribe, and part of a tight trio with David and Zeke.

venua chris david michelle zeke Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge

(Chris, David, Michelle & Zeke)

David remains concerned that Chris might vote him out over Michelle, even though he barely screwed up during the competitions this week, so he told Zeke about his idol as a little trust building exercise. The effort appears to have paid off: David and Zeke are officially in cahoots. And who’s Michelle? We don’t know, she was basically nonexistent this week. Maybe her friends Taylor and Jay will remember her after the Nov. 9 Merge.

Venua Tribe Generational Stereotype Award: Zeke — even though we do love the mustache.
MVP: Chris, for pulling everyone else’s weight 100 percent of the time:

survivor 31 Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge


Last week’s blindside elimination of Figgy left her pretend TV show boyfriend Taylor dumbfounded and Ken and Jessica at the top of their tribe. In a post-Tribal Council conversation, Adam apologized for turning his back on his fellow Millennials. For his part, Taylor played down his anger but vowed revenge at a date TBD.

takali adam jessica ken taylor Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge

(Adam, Jessica, Ken & Taylor)

The tribe fell short during the Reward Challenge, leaving the competition empty handed. They were, however, able to claim immunity for the week thanks largely to Ken. It remains to be seen whether the two Gen Xers will stay loyal to Adam for his bold move or side with Taylor for his perceived gullibility.

Takali Tribe Generational Stereotype Award: Taylor, for not understanding the Electoral College or whatever.
MVP: Ken. He may resemble nothing so much as Jon Hamm’s hook-handed hunk from “30 Rock,” but he’s real good at launching coconuts with a slingshot:

survivor 51 Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge


Ikabula did not have a great week. It started off fine — they came in second during the Reward Challenge and won a tray of tasty looking kabobs — but the game went south when they lost the Immunity Challenge. The path ahead was obvious to Michaela — she had shells and a game plan: They had a 4/2 split in favor of the Millennials, the two girls would vote out Bret, and the two guys would vote out Summer. They could keep their numbers advantage and still have a loyal fifth member.

ikabula bret hanna jay will Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge

(Bret, Hanna, Jay & Will)

Bret appeared to be heading out the door thanks to Hannah’s suspicion that he was lying about being a cop: “I think he’s lying about his funeral directing. I’m like 70 percent certain he’s a cop. The guy grew up in Boston, I’m like pretty sure he’s a cop. Bret talks like a cop and walks like a cop. I grew up in Boston, though. The guy sounds like every cop I’ve ever met.”

So they put a pin in that to talk about Jay’s ideas: After realizing Michaela was too smart and too strong a competitor to bring into the post-merge game, Jay pulled Will and the Gen Xers into a plan to blindside Michaela (and leave Hannah out of the loop once again) during the Tribal Council. Where’s Redemption Island when you need it?

Ikabula Tribe Generational Stereotype Award: Jay, for pegging Bret as someone who he would run away from every time he starts a bonfire on the beach.
MVP: Michaela, for being a quiet badass like Harry Potter and becoming our future president, probably:

“Steve Jobs is pretty intense. Michael Jordan is pretty intense. Michaela Bradshaw is pretty intense. That’s what makes us winners, you know. So, if you can’t handle my heat get out of the kitchen.”

survivor 71 Preparing for Survivors tribal   and generational   merge


The merge arrives! The seven Millennials have a numbers advantage over the six Gen Xers, but tribal divides aren’t as clear-cut as they once were. Hannah wants revenge on Jay, Taylor wants revenge on Adam, and Michelle and Zeke are free agents in the upcoming Millennial Revenge Wars.

The Gen Xers will have their own drama to overcome: Jessica and Ken are a tight pair now, but she’ll surely remember David is the only person from her original tribe who has never tried to vote her out. David shocked his tribe when he used his Immunity Idol to save Jessica, and send Lucy out of the game.

At this point, it’s anyone’s game. Which is to be expected — but a lot more interesting than it needed to be.

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