john rocker val survivor blood vs water 2 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2': John Rocker's jig is upThe latest “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” episode isn’t the most exciting, but the Coyopa tribe does figure out who John Rocker’s MLB past, while Rocker laments getting beaten by both a girl and a smaller man.


Josh — who looks a lot like Anthony Rapp, did anybody else notice that? Especially in night vision — immediately explains to Baylor that he wrote her name so that the guys don’t know the two of them are aligned. Baylor’s all, “Um, what?! Yes, my lack of knowledge about that definitely makes you seem trustworthy.”

In other boneheaded moves, Hunahpu loses their flint and it’s probably Jon’s fault. It’s nice that he’s honest about, but man, I would never have admitted it was me.

Reward challenge

It’s another loved one showdown, this time between John Rocker and his girlfriend Julie. It’s weird that Rocker decided to do this himself, since they could see the course and the beginning is full of small obstacles. He’s a huge dude and to no one’s surprise, he drops his ball several times and lets Julie get a big lead. As Julie finishes the end of the challenge, Probst says, “Nobody would have predicted this!” Um, the second I saw the course I was like, “What are they thinking? He’s way too big for this.”

In what is also no surprise, Rocker is mad that he lost to “a girl.” Go exile yourself, Rocker. You’re ridiculous. Julie sends Jeremy to Exile with John. Poor Jeremy.

Before they leave Hunahpu barters their reward with Probst because their flint is gone. They want to keep the fishing gear and trade the beans for flint. Probst is pretty much like, “Try again.” He tells them they can barter the entire reward for flint right now, but later, the price will be much higher. They actually debate it — guys, you need fire to boil water so you don’t dehydrate. Don’t be stupid.

Luckily, the women insist on taking the flint. At least some of them have brains.

john rocker survivor san juan del sur 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water 2': John Rocker's jig is upJohn Rocker’s jig is up

More people are figuring out who Rocker is and Dale pipes up that Rocker got “run out of the league” for an interview he gave. That’s not exactly what happened, but he did give a rather infamous interview to Sports Illustrated in 1999. I’m also partial to this interview for many reasons, not the least of which is the photo.

Immunity challenge

These one-on-one brawl challenges are always the best. The marquee match-up is most certainly John vs. Jon, only because instead of the Mountain popping Oberyn’s head like a grape, little Oberyn knocks the Mountain’s butt in the water and bloodies his nose.

Of course, then Missy and Baylor face off (mother/daughter) and it gets all emotional when Missy accidentally splits her daughter’s lip and then doesn’t have the heart or strength to really compete, so Baylor wins. Aww, Missy. I feel ya.

The battle of the old dudes is kind of amazing as well. In the end, Hunahpu remains undefeated in challenges so far.


Val tells Rocker that she found two Idols, one on Exile and one at camp, which is a really, really risky move. You know what she should have said? That she has one, not two. It sounds more believable. But Rocker doesn’t seem to care one way or the other because he has his own Idol clue (which Jeremy shared with him at Exile), so he gets to steppin’ — literally, he counts off steps from the well. Giant, giant steps, but he manages to find the Idol anyway. Blech.

However, Rocker believes that Val has two Idols, so he gets the guys to split the votes between Baylor and Val, then tells Val about it. He rather stupidly thinks Val needs to play her Idol, which she doesn’t. If the guys are voting Baylor and Val and Jaclyn vote Baylor, then Baylor’s done. Val understands this because she can add, so everything looks pretty set (at this point).

But later, Josh gets a little paranoid about Val and Rocker talking together. Will he have the guys change up their votes? He might.

Tribal Council

Nothing particularly interesting, it will all come down to who everybody trusts more, Val or Baylor. They both probably seem pretty shady to their tribemates at this point. Anyway, the votes end up tied between the two women, so it’s time for a re-vote.

In the re-vote, it’s hilarious how Rocker says it’s going to be Val’s fault he looks like a liar to her husband. Telling her to play her Idol isn’t the same as keeping her safe, which you did not do because on the re-vote, Val is voted out unanimously.

Next week: Rocker’s past continues to haunt him

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