john rocker josh sitting survivor blood vs water 2 John Rocker's evil 'Survivor' plot completely unravels
Heading in to the third tribal council of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water“, both tribes’ strategy has officially gotten to critical mass when it comes to planning alliances and targets for tribal council. Losing the immunity challenge for the third straight time, the Coyopa Tribe heads into tribal council in turmoil as a team and decides to send home John Rocker. They must before his manipulative personality and rudeness on the island permeates the tribes any further. 
Other than sending yet another one of their tribal members home before Hunahpu even votes out one, it is not a bad week as a whole for the Cuyopa Tribe. They win their first competition of the season with Wes beating his dad Keith with an impressive balancing act during the rewards challenge. The prized fishing gear that they take back to camp seems to prove beneficial immediately, as the tribe enjoys a full meal of catfish for dinner that night. 
Rocker is useful for possibly the first time with his performance catching fish, but little else positive comes from his continued presence on the island. His poor girlfriend Julie bears the brunt of the blowback when the Hunahpu tribe discovers his reputation in the real world and tries her best to defend him. She has minimal results besides looking like a fool standing up for someone with such a poor history to his record. 
Exile Island is a decidedly more upbeat affair this week with Keith and Josh teaming up for a pleasant experience away from the tribe. They both view it as a mental health holiday (which would be welcome for anyone stuck on an island with John Rocker) and not only share information about the immunity idol but commiserate about both of their experiences so far with their respective groups. 
They also eat snails, but let’s not talk any further about that. 
Besides the abrasive personality and blatant pestering of anyone and everyone he can at the first opportunity, the real reason John ends up the target of his former alliance is his belief that he is of the utmost importance to everyone all the time. Not only is that a terrible way to play the game of “Survivor”, but it is generally poor way to navigate life. Clearly Rocker has not yet learned this lesson despite numerous opportunities to do so. 
This hubris does him in again when he fails to offer up his immunity idol before the vote is revealed. Even after bringing the idol with him to council “just in case”, his confidence is soaring high enough that the council talking about a shift in plans isn’t enough of a clue that he might be in danger. 
With Baylor saved, the girls on Coyopa are in a newly powerful position even with lesser numbers. After proving their worth this episode, there is more of a chance that they can be valued and viewed as integral parts of the group instead of constantly on the chopping block. 
Sometimes a successful blind side is all it takes to turn the luck of a team around in no time. With one competition win under their belts this week it looks as if the new, more cooperative, Coyopa is in the running for a string of wins in the next few weeks. 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh