Kelly Wiglesworth in Survivor Cambodia

The “Survivor: Cambodia” premiere more than lived up to expectations.

First off, Kelly Wiglesworth, the only person from the original “Survivor” season, came out like a beast, swimming ahead of the raft for the rice at the outset, taking on the individual portion of the Immunity Challenge. She was everything we hoped she would be and more.

Speaking of Kellys, Kelley Wentworth found an Idol clue and then very sneakily picked up the Idol at the Immunity Challenge. That’s right, the “Survivor” producers hid the Hidden Immunity Idol at the Immunity Challenge. It’s astounding they haven’t thought of this before, but well played, producers. That is some top-notch raising of the stakes in terms of where to hide an Idol.

Also, what if the two Kellys teamed up and went really far in the game? That would be kind of awesome.

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But anyway, the Ta Keo tribe wasn’t focused at all on either Kelly. The focus was on “smarmy” Vytas and sort-of crazy Abi-Maria. It really felt like the tribe was going to vote out Abi-Maria because of her short temper and emotional state, but in the end, it was Jeff Varner and Peih Gee who went against their “old people” status and voted out Vytas along with the other young ‘uns of the tribe.

It’s not a huge shock that Vytas went first, but it still felt like Abi-Maria was a shoo-in to be the first booted (after Kass, whose tribe won Immunity).

What did you think of the premiere of “Survivor: Cambodia”?

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