Erica Ash

Zap2it: Is your character, M-Chuck, thinking of her good fortune as a ride to be enjoyed while it lasts or a permanent thing?

Erica Ash: I think for M-Chuck, she just takes it day by day. … I think M-Chuck just takes it as it comes. I think M-Chuck is really grounded. She has not changed her personal lifestyle or herself, except for in the ways that are unavoidable. She’s clearly living in a much bigger house, she’s clearly dressing much nicer. She’s got access to a much better pool of girls and so she is enjoying the life but I don’t think that she’s married to the life. I think that if we were to go back to the way we were, I think M-Chuck could handle it.

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Zap2it: What did you draw on to create M-Chuck?

Erica Ash: I drew on “Wahlburgers” [laughs]. When I read [the script] and I saw what the relationship was between M-Chuck and Cam – you know, she was his protector, right? So when I think protector, I think, “Who are the greatest protectors?” I’m like, “Oh, she’s like a mobster –- in her own mind.” So it’s kind of like -– not that I talk so mobster but in my head I kind of have this mobster bravado and …

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Zap2it: Attitude?

Erica Ash: Yeah. I’m the Godfather. What are you going to do? So for me, that’s the energy that I pull into my character, and I think it actually is hysterically funny because she’s just this chick (laughs) who if she really had to get to scrapping with somebody, she might give them a run for their money. She probably wouldn’t win. And she’s like a big mush ball when it comes to real sensitive issues … .

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