“Sweet/Vicious” is just the typical college tale of partying, hazing, drugs and crime-fighting.

Sorority girl Jules (Eliza Bennett) is a bubbly, blonde undergrad by day, but by night she’s a butt-kicking crime fighter, who deals with her own sexual assault by taking down other predators at her university. Thanks to a special set of skills — no seriously — she’s able to make these men pay for their crimes with her brass knuckled fists.

As seen in the “Sweet/Vicious” key art below, don’t let the pink nails fool you. This girl can knock you out, and you’ll definitely feel it in the morning.

When she meets school stoner, Ophelia (Taylor Dearden), Jules decides that her solo act might need a partner. Thus begins the tale of two ladies and their attack on college campus rape.

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Together, they investigate assault cases, hunting down the attackers and making them pay for the crimes the justice system can’t (or won’t) prosecute.

MTV is certainly getting the ball rolling on a conversation about campus sexual assault, which has been a recent hot button issue in the media. Cases like Colombia University’s Emma Sulkowicz, who carried a mattress around her campus to protest her school’s mishandling of her assault, or the more recent Brock Turner case, which ended with Turner only serving a few months for his assault of an anonymous victim, have caught national attention and outrage.

Naturally, we expect great things from “Sweet/Vicious,” and a new, more vicious look at such a sensitive topic.

sweet vicious key art mtv Dont let the nail polish fool you, Sweet/Vicious is here to kick some butt

“Sweet/Vicious” premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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