It’s hard to believe that after six years of following Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne’s (Katie Leclerc) inspiring story, we’re going to have to say goodbye for good. The Season 5 finale will also serve as the series finale, meaning that the Kennish and Vasquez family will need to wrap up their respective life drama in one extended episode.

Thank goodness for those extra 3o minutes!

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To get you ready for this awesome ending we’ve got a few hints about what you can expect from the final episode of “Switched at Birth.”

All the nostalgia

From flashbacks to reminiscing to a pretty amazing final scene, the “Switched at Birth” series finale plays heavily into the nostalgia factor. Fans who have followed the series from start to finish will agree that this finale pays tribute to all the best parts of the show.

At least one person is leaving town

It wouldn’t be a finale without a literal goodbye to drive home the symbolic one. While everyone is figuring out which paths their lives will take, at least one character will discover their path takes them in a different direction than the ones they love.

One last stand for deaf culture

One of the greatest parts of “Switched at Birth” is that it’s never excused or dismissed prejudice against deaf culture. The finale brings this ever-present theme to the forefront one last time — and Daphne will absolutely blow you away with how she handles it.

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A montage that will break you heart

We’re not going to say who or how or even why this montage appears — because duh, spoilers — but there’s a pretty touching tribute to a couple of characters that we love to love. If your heart doesn’t break after watching this “greatest hits” scene, you’re probably just not human.

A new twist on the switch

We’ve known the basics of the switch since Season 1. The blood test that sparked Bay’s interest in the DNA test. The nurse who claimed to be overworked and underpaid. The fact that Regina (Constance Marie) knew about the switch since the girls were 3 years old… But tonight, “Switched at Birth” will surprise us with one final piece of the puzzle that we never knew before.

The “Switched at Birth” series finale airs Tuesday (April 11) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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