Syfy’s “Incorporated” has succeeded on multiple fronts at presenting the audience with enough intriguing tidbits to keep the story interesting. That is, of course, aside from the character of Ben Larson (Sean Teale) — Aaron, if you’re nasty — proving himself, time and time again, to be quite faulty on the hero front.

Setting the show’s hero/weakest link aside, Wednesday’s (Jan. 11) episode presented us with four game-changing moments that are sure to impact the remaining episodes, affect everyone involved and find Aaron’s rescue mission — in one way or another — reach its climactic conclusion.

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Theo is becoming a monster

syfy incorporated eddie ramos octogon Syfys Incorporated: 4 game changing moments

The driving factor behind Theo’s (Eddie Ramos) decisions to become a heavy-hitter (pun intended) in the world of professional cage fighting is the same behind Aaron’s mission to infiltrate Spiga: Rescuing Elena (Denyse Tontz). But it seems that her younger brother has a taste for whatever vice he can get ahold of, and that’s going to make things quite complicated.

Even though he has proven his survival skills time and again, it’s Terrence’s (Ian Tracey) influence over his own personal success — along with that new fight-enhancing drug — that is sure to sabotage him down the line. For the moment, it looks like Theo — fists, feet and all — are on the fast track to Green Zone glory.

Laura’s humanitarian pursuits, beyond the wall

syfy incorporated laura larson 107 Syfys Incorporated: 4 game changing moments

Throughout the season, we’ve received hints at the lasting mental and physical effects of Laura’s (Allison Miller) abduction. But it was Episode 6, “Sweating the Assets,” that showed firsthand the horrors Mrs. Larson experienced eight years ago outside The Green Zone. In Wednesday’s episode, ‘Executables,” Laura has faced her fears and is back in the Red Zone she’s been avoiding for nearly a decade.

Giving her former housekeeper’s child medical care led to a crowded hallway full of others seeking similar assistance. It didn’t take long for word to travel — and a confrontation with the region’s boss ended with an intriguing proposition.  But is running her own medical clinic outside of Spiga’s reach the right move to make?

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Ben becomes Julian’s No. 1 suspect

syfy incorporated dennis haysbert sean teale Syfys Incorporated: 4 game changing moments

While Laura holds onto this Red Zone secret of hers, Ben’s continuing to grapple with his own. His involvement in the breach at Spiga and Roger Caplan’s (Douglas Nyback) disappearance — we all knew that dead body wouldn’t simply disappear, right? — is quickly catching up with him. It’s been made quite clear that every decision he has made has solely been to free the one true love of his life from the grips of Spiga’s sex trade. Valiant.

It’s Julian’s (Dennis Haysbert) investigative intuition that puts him on Ben’s trail. Of everyone we’ve been introduced to on the show, Julian’s the most logical, rational and sound. He may be in the business of doing Spiga’s dirty work — head of security has got to be one rough gig — but he’s smart enough to see the signs that have been presenting themselves right under his nose.

Watch out, Ben — Julian’s coming for you!

The Aaron/Elena moment we’ve all been waiting for

syfy incorporated denyse tontz elena Syfys Incorporated: 4 game changing moments

When he got word that Julian’s investigation into Roger Caplan’s death put Elena in his office, Aaron dropped his Ben schtick long enough to send his troubled girlfriend a message. That message came in the form of a long, intense, knowing look as he pulled Julian away from this informal interrogation. They may not have exchanged a single word, but the Montague/Capulet vibe between Aaron and Elena is stronger than any sort of time-filling dialogue.

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Unfortunately for Ben, it looks like he’s going to have to take a drastic step to keep his mission covert and keep Elena protected: He’s going to have to kill Aaron. That’s right! This Ben alter-ego may be taking over for good.

With the completion of the Everclear program, the episode comes to an end with Aaron seeking Hendrick’s (Damon Herriman) assistance in erasing any memory of his real identity — looks like, in order to save Elena, Aaron is going to have to completely embrace this false Ben persona as if he were a very real person. Talk about complicated and confusing!

The things we do for love…

“Incorporated” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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