george lopex take me out gallery fox 325 'Take Me Out' host George Lopez: 'It's not heavy'

The debut of another dating show may not come as a surprise, but George Lopez serving as its host might.
The comedian and former sitcom star and “Lopez Tonight” talk show host makes his return to television as the Fox series “Take Me Out” premieres Thursday, June 7.
The hourlong program involves a “Flirty 30” group of women who must determine individually whether a certain bachelor is the man for them. When only two interested women remain in the game, the power of choice switches, and he gets to select one of them … then the remaining 29 bachelorettes, plus a new one, get another bachelor to assess.
“When they presented it to me, I immediately Googled it,” Lopez tells Zap2it of digesting the concept, already used in other countries. “I thought it was interesting, I thought it was fun, and I thought the host would play a huge part in it. It’s about things people can relate to, the good and the bad of dating, first impressions and friends revealing things about their friends.

“It’s not heavy,” adds Lopez, “and some of the things that are fun in the summer [on television], if they do well, get a chance to survive from September on. I like TV; I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences, but this is a really good chance for me to finally be unencumbered and really be myself.”
Lopez believes he has that opportunity because the framework of the show was set before he signed on for it. “You bring out the guy, you introduce him to the girls, and they either leave their lights on [indicating their continued interest in the given bachelor] or turn them off. It’s the same mechanics four different times during the hour, and I’ve got those down.”
Also slated to do his third live stand-up comedy special for HBO on July 14, Lopez likes many other elements of “Take Me Out,” too: “With a studio audience of 500 people and that massive stage and the bright lights and the beautiful girls, it’s really quite an event. It’s a big show in Europe, and I think it’s one of those things that could surprise a lot of people here.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin