taxi brooklyn season 1 finale 'Taxi Brooklyn' finale: Is a Season 2 is in order after that cliffhanger?The Season 1 finale of “Taxi Brooklyn” sees Cat go rogue in both trying to solve her father’s murder and in helping out Gregg, who is being framed for murder by his crazy stalker girlfriend Giada.

While Cat and Monica are busy trying to prove Gregg didn’t strangle Giada, Cat’s superiors are trying to track her down, assuming she’s gone off the deep end and murdered Lou Capella to avenge her father.

Meanwhile, Leo and Ronnie are preparing for Nico and Aimee’s visit, but in doing so, they spot Cat’s fella Rhys meeting up with mafioso daughter Anabella Capella. Anabella gives “Rhys” an envelope full of money and calls him “Tommy” — and he’s not even British!

In the end, it turns out Anabella killed Cat’s father and has set all of this up to frame both Gregg and Cat to avenger her grandfather, whom Cat’s father shot in cold blood decades ago — Cat’s father did it because he was about to exposed as a dirty cop.

The Capellas grab Nico and Aimee at the airport, leaving Ronnie stabbed and with a message for Leo from his old pal Henry, while Anabella sets up a bomb on the ferry Cat’s mother is on. During the big showdown at the docks, an unknown shooter fires on the group and Gregg takes a bullet for Cat, while Ronnie collapses from his stab wound at the airport and the bomb goes off on the ferry. And that’s it. Holy cow.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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