The Ghost Riders came, they saw and they conquered; and then they freaking abducted Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) for good measure.

So far, we’re labeling these Ghost Riders a total success as far as “Teen Wolf” villains go.

They’ve presented a seriously confounding obstacle to overcome, seeing as they erase any memory of their victims when they take them. How in the world is Scott (Tyler Posey) supposed to fight supernatural crime in Beacon Hills when he keeps forgetting that these crimes — or victims, for that matter — even exist?

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Even worse, no one can see the Ghost Riders coming or going. Unless the pack’s supercharged noses can manage to sniff them out, they’re going to have a hard time fighting an enemy they can’t see.

Luckily, Stiles and Lydia (Holland Roden) put their problem-solving brains together before the unthinkable happened, and they figured out just who they’re looking for. They might not fully understand what the Wild Hunt is or what it wants, but a least they’ve got a springboard to start from. We foresee many, many threads of red string in Lydia’s future.

Now that Stiles is gone, we’ve got to spend the next few months speculating about when and how he could ever come back to us.

Given that Dylan O’Brien spent most of the spring either filming for the final installment of his “Maze Runner” trilogy or recovering in the hospital from a stunt gone wrong, we’re pretty comfortable speculating that the first 10 episodes of “Teen Wolf’s” 20-episode sixth season will be mostly Stiles-less.

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It will be a long and hard 6A for diehard Stiles fans, but at least they got a heavy helping of their favorite character in the premiere.

If your “Teen Wolf” loving heart didn’t shatter into a thousand tiny pieces when Stiles realized his dad didn’t recognize him (or subsequently, when he realized Lydia did), then congratulations — you are a robot.

You’re also a robot if you weren’t instantly charmed by Beacon Hills High’s newest stud-muffin of a teacher.

This guy seems too handsome, hilarious and witty to be true, which naturally means we’re on high alert. We remember the last time a lovable new teacher joined the fold, and that didn’t exactly end well. Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek) has shifted to the top of our list of potential wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this guy as the season progresses, looking for any hint of villainous intent.

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In the wake of Stiles’ traumatic abduction, it’s going to be interesting watching his friends struggle to figure out why they feel so off without him. Their group meetings feel strange, pictures contain glaring gaps where he used to sit, and their own memories of past events don’t seem to make sense anymore. We can’t even begin to imagine what their new recollections of the year of the nogitsune and Void Stiles look like.

Whether it takes 10 episodes to find Stiles, or the full 20, we’ll be anxiously perched on the edge of out seats each week as “Teen Wolf” brings us closer and closer to its series finale.

“Teen Wolf” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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