The winter finale of "Teen Wolf" felt a lot like a series finale, in that it defeated the bad guys, sent the kids off to college, and basically tied up almost every lose end. It even gave us a Stydia kiss for crying out loud!

Never fear though, the end is not upon us yet. "Teen Wolf" is set to return in June of 2017 for its final 10 episodes, meaning we've got a while to wait until Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and the rest of the pack are back fighting supernatural baddies again. To help you with the five months of waiting, we pumped showrunner Jeff Davis for as much information as he could share about what's to come in 6B.

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Screener: First and foremost, can we assume Stiles is back for good?

Jeff Davis: You'll have to wait and see what happens in 6B, but yes, he is back in the land of the living for now.

What can you tell us about the storyline and the villains of 6B?

It's very much a season of dark horror. When we went into these last ten episodes, we first asked, 'How do we refocus the characters, and what are we going to do for these last ten episodes that make it feel like the story is progressing?' We talked about Scott, and where we wanted to see Scott's character go... Part of it is based on the idea of whether Scott can truly leave Beacon Hills -- and will it be safe without him?

There is a new horror that arises, and new villains. One is a throwback. and one is something entirely new. We were a bit inspired by H.P. Lovecraft this season, so we wanted to do a season of very dark horror; something deeply supernatural and kind of disgusting. This is one of our grossest seasons.  This season definitely gets under your skin in a different way.

Will there be a time jump?

It jumps ahead in time a few months, so it's after graduation. Scott, Malia and the others are graduated. We have the younger pack of Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and his friends that are seniors now. 6B sort of starts on the cusp of the night, or the week, that they're supposed to all leave, and something pulls them back in.

Where do things lie with Theo when we pick back up?

We come back to him in the second episode of 6B, and you find out where he's been, and it's a very sad story that puts him on a new turn and allies him with our pack. That's part of the overarching story of 6B, which is for us very much about the outsider.

What can you tell us about the decision to bring Stiles and Lydia together and where they go from here?

We knew that this was going to be the last 20 episodes, and when we sat down to talk about it in the writers room, we decided, "All right, the show is ending. What are the things we haven't done yet that we want to do? What are the big leaps we want to make?" One of those was let's get Lydia (Holland Roden) and Stiles together. This is the epic romance that everyone's been building towards. Will we fall on our faces? Maybe, but who cares? You have to take a leap. You have to take a chance.

I, for one, when I saw them come together in the finale, it felt right to me. There were years and seasons where I said, "Never! They'll never get together!" But things change.

I can't tell you much about the next season... You're going to have to wait and see.

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Are there any other characters from earlier seasons that you're planning to bring back? Derek perhaps?

I'll tell you I had a wish list of all the people I wanted to bring back, and I got far more than I thought I would. So you'll see some very familiar faces that you haven't seen in a while, back on "Teen Wolf," for maybe more than an episode or two.

Melissa & Argent also shared an unexpected romance this year. What made you guys decide to throw those two together?

I'll tell you I was nervous about it. There were parts of the writers room that were pushing for it more than me, definitely. But when we started to see their scenes together, they had a certain spark. When we were coming up on the end of the season, we were like, "Should we go for it? Should we not?" Then when they shot it, it just looked great on screen. Those are two characters that I love, and it's so unexpected, and it could lead to some very awkward scenes in 6B, which will be fun.

Are we going to see Malia and Peter's relationship continue to develop?

You will definitely see more of that relationship. The two of them together are pretty funny. It's such a dysfunctional relationship, and it will always be, "I can't believe you're my father" for Malia. In a lot of ways, Peter can't quite believe she's his daughter.

We mostly just like to bring Ian Bohen back because he's so good at saying lines like, "Nobody likes a Nazi."

"Teen Wolf" will return in June of 2017.

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