If we didn't miss Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) like crazy before, we certainly do now. "Teen Wolf" decided to take the pack on a stroll down a very Stiles-specific memory lane Tuesday (Jan. 24), and basically we're an emotional mess.

In order to open another rift into the Ghost Riders' dimension, Scott (Tyler Posey), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) realize they've got to uncover their memories of Stiles -- and not just any memories, the ones that matter to them most. Establishing that emotional connection is the only way to access that rift.

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First up was Scott, who treated us to some of the greatest hits of the Sciles bromance. From hospital hugs to road flare rescues, Scott went deep into his history with his BFF. Malia, too, went into the deep-freeze memory tank, pulling out some of her best memories of Stiles -- but try as they might, they just could make that rift reappear. The imminent Ghost Rider threat probably didn't make matters any easier.

In the end, Lydia was the one able to establish that connection and truly remember Stiles by remembering their first and only kiss. Naturally.

The news that the "Stydia" ship would officially be sailing in Season 6 of "Teen Wolf" pretty much ensured that this journey to find Stiles and remember the special bond he had with each of these characters would result in a pretty huge realization: Lydia loves him.

Or at least she realizes she didn't say 'I love you' back when he told her he did before being kidnapped. Not for nothing, but she should definitely say those three little words when they're reunited.

Lydia's feelings for Stiles and his for her have always been on the back burner for this show -- constantly there, just never really addressed. Now that the memories of him have come flooding back to her, we're pretty sure that emotional connection she made wasn't one of platonic friendship. It's deep and meaningful and decidedly romantic.

And it's about dang time.

It's one thing to remember and love him, however, and another entirely to rescue him and the other residents of Beacon Hills from the Ghost Riders' train station of horrors.

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We speculated at the beginning of the year that flashbacks of Stiles would be a creative and nostalgic way for "Teen Wolf" to keep Stiles gone but not forgotten while Dylan O'Brien took a break from shooting, but even we didn't anticipate how well this plot device would work.

Seeing any footage of Stiles again should have felt like a shock to the system after all these weeks without him, but his integral role in Season 6's narrative, coupled with some of his greatest hits, felt like an earned and emotional way to remind us that Stiles has never truly left the pack this year. He'll always be around.

Someone we hope manages to stick around in a similar (if slightly more villainous way) is Theo (Cody Christian). He's had an interesting little redemption arc this season, and we hadn't noticed until just recently how much we don't want him killed off. He may not be a great guy, but he's got a hidden noble streak under that gruff and decidedly tricky exterior. Here's hoping he manages to stick out the season, instead of returning to his terrifying version of hospital hell.

"Teen Wolf" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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