After the amazing premiere of “Teen Wolf” Season 5b, you might have taken a moment to realize that one key player of the Beacon Hills supernatural team is still missing from the lineup. Where, oh where, is Kira?

At the close of 5a, Kira (Arden Cho) left town with her mother, hoping to find a way to keep the fox spirit inside of her at bay. It seems like a logical move for a girl who is having blackouts and murdering Chimeras in the McCall kitchen.

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Ever since she left, “Teen Wolf” fans have been dying for news on when she will return. Happily, Tuesday (Jan. 12) is the night! The 12th episode of the season, titled “Damnatio Memoriae,” will see the return of Kira as she continues to fight against her inner fox. Showrunner Jeff Davis tells TV Line, “When we pick up with Kira, you’ll see just where Mexico has taken her to try to fix the problem of the fox spirit taking over.”

You won’t get to see Kira and Scott reconcile until Jan. 19, but Davis promises that episode is, “All about going off to the desert to get Kira back.”

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As if that weren’t exciting enough, Kira is not the only lady-love returning to “Teen Wolf” this season. Crystal Reed, who plays the now deceased Allison Argent, will return as well.

Reed won’t be appearing as Allison this time, but rather as Allison’s distant ancestor, Marie-Jeanne Valet. The “Teen Wolf” alum will be part of a flashback story set in France during the 1700s, and thus, the chances of seeing any new “Scallison” scenes are unlikely. Sorry shippers.

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