After six years of fangs, glowing eyes and totally unnecessary backflips, "Teen Wolf" is coming to an end, and we're pretty sure this final season is going to break our hearts.

From the jump, the nefarious Ghost Riders are introduced as the new threat in town, and we all know where this is eventually heading: Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is about to be dragged away and forgotten.

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Be sure to pay special attention to Tuesday's (Nov. 15) premiere, and you'll find small clues peppered throughout the episode that tease Beacon Hills' cheekiest character is about to be erased from the hearts and minds of his friends and family. Also be sure to bring a box of tissues along for the inevitable moment when Stiles realizes what's happening to him -- seriously, you'll never get over it.

The Wild Hunt's presence in Beacon Hills is a compelling new mystery for the show, and these villains present an exciting new challenge for Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack. How are they supposed to defeat an enemy who keeps stealing their memories every time the pack encounters them?

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Another prominent part of the premiere is some major Stydia action, in regards to both their crime-solving element and their more romantic subtext.

Seeing as Stiles is about to take an extended trip to who knows where, the premiere is very heavy on his character, and Lydia (Holland Roden) is a huge part of that.

Hopefully we'll barely have time to miss him before the people most important to Stiles find a way to win him back from the Ghost Riders.

"Teen Wolf" premieres Tuesday (Nov. 15) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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