Are there any Stydia shippers left alive out there?

“Teen Wolf’s” newest trailer probably caused more than one heart-attack, between the many hints that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Lydia (Holland Roden) would finally be getting together, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) memory echoes of their friendship and the heart-breaking realization that Papa Stiles’s life without his son might be even darker than we imagined.

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Kidnapping Stiles and erasing him from his friends and family’s memories was an ingenious way to temporarily write O’Brien out of the show while he filmed “Mazerunner: The Death Cure” and recovered from his injuries. Now, we’re going to get a whole lot of angst as everyone in Beacon Hills tries to figure out why their lives have a big, Stiles-shaped hole in them.

One of the most rewarding storylines for fans will surely be the eventual coupling of Stiles and Lydia.

From the get-go, “Teen Wolf” has hinted at the relationship between these two characters, but besides a heat-of-the-moment kiss to cure a panic attack, Stydia has remained a far-flung hope for most shippers.

From what we’ve seen so far though, the final season of the show will be paying off that long-awaited romance in a big way.

“Stay tuned,” Roden says of the Stydia relationship in Season 6. “There is something in store for you guys if you’re a fan of that.”

From the look of this Stiles and Lydia heavy trailer, we’re going to guess that even though Stiles won’t be present for a good chunk of Season 6, fans will be more than satisfied with the direction Stiles’ character and relationships are headed.

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In the grand scheme of things, we’re incredibly glad “Teen Wolf” waited until the final season to follow through on the Stydia thing.

Too often, we see relationships burn hot and cold to create the suspense and drama needed to carry the characters and the plot through many seasons of storytelling. We never have to worry about Stiles and Lydia breaking up or getting into petty squabbles for the sake of pointless tension because, if they do in fact get together in Season 6, it will most likely be for good.

Enjoy your inevitable endgame, shippers. You’ve earned it.

“Teen Wolf” premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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