"Teen Wolf" was breaking hearts and taking names at San Diego Comic-Con, as they kicked off their panel with the news that Season 6 would be their last.

Even though fans may be screaming in agony over the news that MTV's hit werewolf saga is coming to an end, we're surprisingly totally on board with this idea.

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No one likes to see their favorite show dragged on for years past its prime, and "Teen Wolf" is ending at its height rather than spending a few extra years kicking around college storylines and "will-they-won't-they" romances. Instead, it looks like we'll be seeing Scott (Tyler Posey) start to hand over the reins to his beta, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), and we might even get some Stydia action before the fat lady sings. Check out the first look at the upcoming season here.

However, just because we're happy that the show is coming to a natural end, that doesn't mean that we don't have a very specific laundry list of things we want to see in the final season of "Teen Wolf."


We'd love one final cameo from Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) before the curtain closes on "Teen Wolf." She's been off the show almost as long as she was on at this point, but it won't truly feel like a sendoff if we don't get a flashback or a dream sequence or something that allows this dearly departed huntress to return.


stydia Teen Wolf: 5 things that must happen in Season 6

It's been six years, and we think these two have danced around their feelings long enough. The final season should absolutely follow through on the Stydia romance the show has been promising since the pilot. Holland Roden teased that Stydia fans should stay tuned since "there is something in store for you guys" when chatting with Zap2it in the Comic-Con press room, so we imagine we'll be seeing something that fits our Stydia bill soon.

Derek Hale

Like Allison, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) has been gone but not forgotten from "Teen Wolf," and we can't help but notice his absence with each passing episode. Hoechlin might be busy playing the Man of Steel on "Supergirl" this year, but we can't imagine sending Scott and his friends off without their former Alpha around to say goodbye.


We've remarked more than once that the high school aspect of "Teen Wolf" needs to come to an end, and it looks like we'll be getting our wish. If our Beacon Hills students' Senior year comes to an end at the same time as Season 6 -- which we imagine it will -- then the final episode will most likely find itself with a graduation theme.

Sciles feels

sciles Teen Wolf: 5 things that must happen in Season 6

ALL. THE. SCILES. FEELS. These two crazy kids stole our heart six years ago with their hilarious and heartwarming friendship, and we'll be sorry to see them go. The final season will no doubt be packed full of Scott and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) moments that make our hearts gush, and we're all here for that.

"Teen Wolf" is set to return in June of 2017.

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