Ever since “Teen Wolf” premiered, fans have been wondering what Stiles’ first name really is. Since Stiles is actually short for Stilinksi, we’ve actually gotten through the entire series without assigning any first name to one of the main characters. Nuts, right?

Over the course of the series, we’ve gotten clues peppered here and there about what this name could be: During a parent-teacher conference, Coach showed us a peek at the final few letters, and he even voiced some confusion about how one would even pronounce a name like that. We also know from Stiles’ school ID that his name starts with the letter “M.” Most recently, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) — or Noah, as we can now call him — revealed that Stiles is named after his maternal grandfather, whose name was apparently a burden, prompting them to offer up the nickname of Stiles.

We’ve got a few guesses about what this mystery name could be, but hopefully “Teen Wolf” will just up and tell us soon.

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Jeff Davis hinted that Lydia’s banshee message (“Stiles,” spelled out with the repeated word “mischief”) was a clue about Stiles real name. We doubt “Teen Wolf” would be obvious enough to just straight up make his first name Mischief, especially since it’s not hard to pronounce, but it does start with an “M,” so it’s a contender.


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If we’re going with a less literal interpretation, the name Maverick is an unusual but not entirely uncommon first name for boys — and fits “mischief” well enough, to boot. As far as we’re concerned, Stiles is pretty much the dictionary definition of a maverick.


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If we reach far enough back into the “Teen Wolf” vault, you might remember that we got a peek at Stiles’ name during a parent teacher conference. It’s pretty hard to find a name that ends in “enim” — which makes us wonder if they’ll even use this clue at the end of the day — but the Hebrew name Meonenim fits the bill. As an added bonus, the name has ties to charmers and soothsayers. That seems vaguely mischievous, right?

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We predict we’ll probably have to wait a while longer for Stiles’ name to be revealed, but the fact that the pack will be searching for memories of him is a good indicator that one or all of them might blurt it out eventually.

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