“Teen Wolf’s” Stiles Stilinski is forgotten, but not gone.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) has slipped out of existence, but his impact on Beacon Hills is everlasting. Although no one can recall all the red strings and late-night car rides, “Teen Wolf” is not looking to rewrite history. Everything Stiles — his sarcastic remarks, his quirky heroics — still plays a role, even if his friends can’t seem to dredge them from the depths of memory.

“It’s not that a person never existed,” writer Will Wallace explained on a lengthy Twitter roll this week: “They’re erased and the universe is course correcting memories to fit a new narrative.”

Instead of recalling Stiles’ role in everything from the nogitsune disaster to various rescues going back to Season 1, what exactly do Scott (Tyler Posey), Lydia (Holland Roden), and co. have flashing through their minds? Lets find out…

Goodbye, Void Stiles

Stiles will always carry the burden of his actions as Void Stiles, but, as far as Scott’s pack is concerned, the nogitsune never hid beneath a teenager’s innocent visage. Instead, the riddler maintained his 1940s vessel — bandages and all.

“[There was] no Void Stiles,” Wallace confirmed. “Only the Bandage Man.”

Since the nogitsune was in play, Allison (Crystal Reed) still met her untimely end at the tip of a blade. Sorry, folks. “Teen Wolf” apparently only has one resurrection in play this season, and that is Claudia Stilinski (Joey Honsa).

“The Oni killed Allison while under the control of the Bandage Man,” Wallace confirmed, much to our chagrin.

Sophomore Dance Redux

Now that “Teen Wolf’s” young heroes are on the cusp of graduation, it’s time to remember their younger days in flashback. Once upon a time, Lydia was unaware of Beacon Hills supernatural underground, not to mention her destiny as a harbinger of death. It wasn’t until Stiles and Lydia’s sophomore dance spilled out onto the the lacrosse field that everything came into focus.

If you ask Lydia to recall the events of “Formality” now, Stiles is no longer the one who found her bleeding from an Alpha bite: “She was bitten by another Alpha and Coach found her after the dance,” Wallace explains, giving viewers yet another mystery to chew on. Another Alpha? What happened to Peter Hale (Ian Bohen)?

Well, if you’ve seen the Season 6 trailer, that query is fairly simple to solve on your own. The Ghost Riders are a busy bunch, and it won’t be long before Stiles meets up with Derek’s murderous uncle in what we can only think of as “Teen Wolf’s” version of the “Stranger Things” Upside Down. Now Lydia’s shifting memories are forced to compensate for two missing entities — a problem which results in the subconscious creation of a different season 1 Alpha.

Claudia Stilinski, Back From The Dead

This is one mystery “Teen Wolf” is holding onto, tightly. As the entire fandom wonders how Stiles’ disappearance triggered his mother’s apparent resurrection, there is one thing viewers should bear in mind — Stiles is in no way, shape, or form responsible for Claudia’s death.

“Stiles didn’t kill his mother,” Wallace promised concerned fans in the wake of episode two: Claudia died from frontotemporal dementia; nothing more, nothing less.

The idea of Stiles’ culpability was spurred on by the events of season 2’s “Party Guessed.” Suffering from a wolfsbane-induced hallucination, the teen sees Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby). Drunk and grief stricken in the wake of his wife’s passing, Stiles’ father blames his son for Claudia’s death.

“These are the words of a grieving/drunk person and should be taken as such,” Wallace explained.

In fact, the Sheriff is merely repeating accusations his wife uttered in her addled state: “She had a degenerative neurological Disease that made her say and do terrible things,” the scribe reminded fans, referring to the events of last year’s “Required Reading.” Claudia made her in-person debut in the season 5 episode, which featured a terrifying flashback during which she claimed Stiles was trying to hurt her.

“Teen Wolf” has set the bar in a lot of ways, both for teen TV and the MTV brand — but one thing we’ll always be grateful for is the show’s creators and cast’s willingness to engage with us. There’s a lot to keep track of, and we’re lucky the show inspires such great devotion that these questions can be asked — and answered — so quickly and easily. Thanks, Will and Jeff!

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