"Teen Wolf" returned with its first episode of the new year on Tuesday (Jan. 3), and it gave us one terrifying possibility: Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) might be turned into a Ghost Rider if Scott (Tyler Posey), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) can't find a way to save him.

Lydia's banshee powers came in handy during the visit to Canaan in "Ghosted," in more than one sense. She was able to see how the Ghost Riders operate, through their attack on the small town, as well as the fate of their victims: Once they're taken, they become Ghost Riders themselves.

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While we're obviously not on board with Stiles becoming one of the bad guys (again), we have to admit this presents a unique opportunity in this Stiles-less final season. If he ends up becoming a Ghost Rider, the heavy disguise and mask will buy Dylan O'Brien some more off-screen time. Between the actor's packed film schedule and the injuries he sustained in 2016, Season 6 will be light on actual Stiles sightings -- but that doesn't mean he can't hang around as a Ghost Rider.

We shudder to think of how many more episodes we'll have to wait for O'Brien to be back for good, but what's "Teen Wolf" without a little angst?

Speaking of angst, we're one step closer to proving that Claudia Stilinski (Joey Honsa) is just plain bad news.

Lenore's (McNally Sagal) story seemed a little too familiar to ignore in this newest episode, especially given the completely inexplicable resurrection of her dead son. Caleb (Mason McNulty) was something in-between a ghost and a real boy, but whatever he was, he was definitely malevolent. Deep booming voice and creepy murder attempts don't exactly scream "Casper the Friendly Ghost," after all.

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What we found most interesting, however, was Lenore's claim that the Ghost Riders returned her dead son to her -- just like Claudia.

Something's off with Mama Stilinski, and we're about 99 percent sure it has something to do with whatever horrible thing Sheriff Stilinksi (Linden Ashby) saw behind that peeled-off wallpaper.

"Teen Wolf" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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