linden ashby red carpet nc 325 2 'Teen Wolf's' Linden Ashby on the move from Atlanta to L.A.: 'Ask me in a year'Zap2it: Were you surprised by the quality of the writing on your show?

Linden Ashby: Honestly? When I saw the title “Teen Wolf,” my first response was: “Really? This is the best we can come up with creatively right now?” But then I read it, and Jeff Davis is just a phenomenal writer. What we have is this dark, edgy, character-driven piece of serial scripted drama that is just pretty freaking phenomenal.
Zap2it: What do you like most about your character?
Linden Ashby: Sheriff Stilinski is a great single dad, and we’ll find out more about that. All that fans know up to now is that his wife died. I wish I had Stilinski’s patience. If my kid was doing the kind of stuff that Stiles is doing, he would never see the light of day.
Zap2it: With the show moving to Los Angeles from the safe bubble of Atlanta next season, any concerns for stars Tyler Posey (Scott) and Dylan O’Brien (Stiles)?
Linden Ashby: Ask me that in a year. These are two exceptional, grounded human beings, though. It’s pretty heavy stuff to be 18 years old and have this level of recognition and fame coming at you. But I have something of a mentor relationship with them. I think they can talk to me and listen when I say, “Dude, that’s a really bad idea!”
Zap2it: What are Stilinski’s and Stiles’ first names?
Linden Ashby: Jeff [Davis, the show’s writer/executive producer] won’t tell us. Seriously. Dylan and I have come up with a few suggestions, which are pretty imaginative. And very inappropriate. I can tell you that Stiles’ first name is very difficult to pronounce, and it was his mother’s father’s name.
Posted by:John Crook