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Zap2it: You’re well known from your TV work on “Oz” and other shows, but as one of the founders of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, what are some of your goals for the stage?
Terry Kinney: I would love to play Cyrano. Maybe it will happen, maybe not, onstage. There are plays I am thinking about. I also have Steppenwolf.
Zap2it: You started that with Gary Sinise and Jeff Perry. Are you still close friends?
Terry Kinney: Gary is still my best friend. People forget the power he has onstage as an actor, the power he has as a director. If his show (“CSI:NY”) ever ends, I would do a play with Gary.
Zap2it: What is your aim for “NYC 22?”
Terry Kinney: I hope people find it. We are doing an exciting political drama, full of nuanced characters who are putting their lives on the line every day. I don’t think of it so much as a show but more as a study of a neighborhood in New York and the people who take care of it. It is not just a cop drama where we are out guns blazing all the time. By the 11th episode, my character was talking quite a bit about the nuance of my own speech. Richard (Price, the show’s creator) got to know what I do best. The great thing about drama on television is it is one of the last bastions for really good characters. You have all this time to work it out.

“NYC 22” airs Sundays on CBS.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler