adina porter the 100 grounders leader 'The 100': Can Indra and Octavia trust each other? Adina Porter and Marie Avgeropoulos weigh inThe Grounders have a new leader in “The 100” Season 2. With Anya captured by the people of Mt. Weather, the responsibility of leading the Grounders falls to Indra (Adina Porter). Porter previews for Zap2it that Indra and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) are wary of each other and may be playing both sides of their reluctant alliance.

“As time goes on we’ll see the kind of leader that I am,” says Porter. “I never know when I say a line if I was meant to say it straight, and
then you’ll find out in a couple episodes that I actually was BS-ing. I wouldn’t put it past Octavia to be smart enough to play it both ways as well.”

Avgeropoulos adds, “[Indra] doesn’t welcome Octavia with open arms by any means. The tactic that Octavia decides to use [to work with the Grounders] is a very interesting one, and you’ll have to tune in to see whether or not the Grounders really accept that one with open arms. It’s pretty drastic.”

“People make alliances when they need them and then they betray
the alliance when they need to,” says Porter. “Indra and Octavia’s relationship is very fluid.
Because what is happening is electric and always changing, alliances
and enemies are constantly changing too — what is needed in the moment.”

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The Grounders aren’t the only group living in the moment, as viewers saw in episode 2 that the Reapers kidnapped a group of Grounders. Is it part of delivering more captives to the Mountain people? Porter plays coy.

“That’s an interesting twist to it,” she says with a laugh. “My impressions are the Reapers are an in-the-moment kind of group, it’s more about what they need in the moment. Maybe we’ll find out that they’re working for someone else, or maybe it’s just what they needed at the moment.”

One thing’s for sure — Indra isn’t going anywhere any time soon, which means viewers will continue to see her leading the Grounders throughout the season. Porter says it was a joy to go directly from wrapping “The Newsroom’s” final season to begin filming on “The 100.”

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The only hard part? The Grounder language.

“It’s really hard. It is so hard!” exclaims Porter. “You have to memorize it phonetically and then trying to act, to make choices that are strong and believable and also trying to remember phonetically what we just learned a day or two ago, that’s the biggest challenge.”

“You know what you’re supposed to be saying, you know what your intention is in the words,” she continues. “As the series goes on, you’ll hear words repeat. After a while, people are going to understand what the Grounder word for ‘kill’ is, what the Grounder word for ‘loyal’ is, which makes it even harder because now the audience will know if I’m messing up!”

Watch a sneak peek below where Porter shows off her Grounder language skills. “The 100” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Additional reporting by Jean Bentley

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