Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley aren't desperate to see sparks fly between the two of fans' favorite couples on "The 100." Though Alicia Debnam-Carey is returning as Lexa in Season 3, Morley says he's not shipping her and Taylor's Clarke to get together.

"Any kind of expression of love is a good thing. I don't particularly watch romantic things," he tells Zap2it at Comic-Con. "I'd rather watch the conflict kind of stuff. Shippers gonna ship, I'm just going to watch some other stuff."

He does admit he's happy the Clexa support distracted a little from "Bellarke," the potential pairing of Clarke with his character Bellamy. "It's nice to see something else coming out," he says.

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For Taylor, she is still riding high from the Clexa support in Season 2. "I just won an award for Clexa kiss from E! which was pretty awesome, so that's great," she says. "I can officially say I'm a good kisser now."

But she isn't pushing for Bellarke to get together in Season 3 -- at least not romantically. "I don't necessarily want to see Bellamy and Clarke getting dirty," she says. "I think we've got a good thing going on. They're such a good team."

It makes sense that Clarke isn't pursuing anyone romantically when Season 3 picks up, because showrunner Jason Rothenberg describes her as "experiencing a lot of emotional chaos."

"She’s buried everything about what she’s done and what’s been done to her and that’s sort of not the way to be a human being," he tells Zap2it. "You have to experience your life, you have to sort of own what you’ve done and she’s not right now, so we’ll see if that wreaks havoc on her and whether she can get over that or not."


Posted by:Terri Schwartz