the 100 eliza taylor bob morley bellarke Eliza Taylor 'ships 'The 100's' Bellarke tooIt has not gone unnoticed by fans of “The 100” that actors Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Bob Morley (Bellamy) have terrific on-screen chemistry. Season 1 wasn’t even half over when an army of “Bellarke” ‘shippers formed online, which Taylor tells Zap2it is a phenomenon she was not aware of until this acting job.

“I didn’t know what ‘shipping was until like six months ago, and I have
learned very quickly that it’s a big deal,” says Taylor. “I think 90 percent of my
followers on Twitter are either named ‘Bellarke’ or send me a message
every day about Bellamy and Clarke getting together. It’s crazy.”

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While the chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke is palpable, Taylor says it’s nothing they planned. “Bob and
I are such great friends and we do work well together, but it wasn’t
ever intentional,” says Taylor. “It wasn’t something that we had planned, but I agree,
we do have a great chemistry. Whether the writers will utilize that,
you’ll have to wait and see.”

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg says that the Bellarke spark is definitely something the writers are aware of as well.

“We love those actors and those characters, and it’s definitely something that we see the way everybody else sees it,” says Rothenberg. “I don’t know that it’ll be a romantic thing, but the people that are looking for [Bellarke] will be happy. And the people who don’t care about it won’t mind the way we treat it.”

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While Rothenberg says it may not be romantic, Taylor admits the TV fan in her would love to see Bellarke get together — but not too soon.

“As a fan of television and the way these things play out, I do love the idea of Bellamy and Clarke getting together at some point,” says Taylor. “But I think that as far as the fans’ fantasy goes — you want it to happen, but then when it does happen, it’s over. I’d like it to be like a slow burn. It’d be fun to build up to it.”

What do you think, Bellarke ‘shippers? Can you wait it out?

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