"The 100" has always been known for its no-holds-barred way of portraying sexuality. The show is set 100 years in the future and by that point, creator Jason Rothenberg has said he doesn't think sexual orientation will be viewed the same way it is in 2016.

"It’s a different kind of world. In our world, I understand how important that is. In the world of the show, it’s more -- it’s not about what your sexual orientation is, or what your gender is, if you’re disabled or not -- it’s just are you strong or not," Rothenberg told After Ellen when Season 3 premiered.

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However, so far on the show, the only gay relationship shown has been Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) -- until Thursday's (March 10) episode "Terms and Conditions."

It's been hinted at in several episodes this season that Miller (Jarod Joseph) and Bryan (Jonathan Whitesell) were a couple, but that was not confirmed until they kissed on screen in this week's episode. Fans were over the moon to see the two share a moment and are hoping for more, even if the two men are on opposite sides of the current Skaikru conflict, with Bryan siding with the dictator Pike (Michael Beach) and Miller siding with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick).

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