The first half of “The 100’s” two part season finale delivered one shocking twist after the next, and more than a few characters are left in danger.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and the crew attempt one final suicide mission into Polis to deliver the flame to Ontari (Rhiannon Fish), while Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Jasper (Devon Bostick) stay behind in Arkadia to receive the kill code from them, assuming all goes well. Naturally, all does not go well.

The most surprising twist of the episode comes when Jasper reveals that he’s been chipped since they left Luna (Nadia Hilker) and her floating village.

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Jasper’s character arc this season has gotten its fair share of praise and criticism, but this turn of events fits perfectly with his journey. After finally starting to believe in life, goodness and happiness again, Jasper bearing witness to ALIE’s destruction yet again would absolutely prompt him to finally take the chip and give up on the pain of watching innocent people die.

As Jasper so eloquently puts it, “They sent us down here to find out if the ground was survivable. From what I’ve seen, it’s not.”

Unfortunately, Monty bears the consequences of that decision, when Jasper stabs him in the stomach on ALIE’s orders.

Thanks to Jasper’s double-agent status, ALIE and her mind slaves at Polis are ready and waiting for Clarke and Roan (Zach McGowan), whom she’s enlisted for assistance.

As the plan goes horribly awry, five characters’ lives are left hanging in the balance.

First is obviously Monty, whose stab wound looks serious enough to need immediate medical treatment, which he cannot get locked inside Raven’s computer room. Next, Roan is shot point blank in the chest and dragged off, leaving it unclear whether he’ll recover from the injury or not.

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Harper (Chelsey Reist) finds herself knocked unconscious and stranded outside Raven and Monty’s stronghold with a murderous Jasper holding her at gunpoint. Finally, there’s Indra (Adina Porter) and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) who barely manage to take cover before an explosion rocks the sub-level of Polis’ tower.

That’s to say nothing of Abby’s (Paige Turco) near strangulation and Ontari’s untimely demise via brain injury. “The 100” has definitely earned its gruesome and violent reputation with the first half of its finale.

Next week’s “Perverse Instantiation: Part 2” will see Clarke enter the City of Light, searching for a way in, herself. We can almost certainly expect a heartbreaking Clexa reunion. Hopefully there’ll be some answers as to who lives, who dies and whether ALIE can be defeated once and for all.

“The 100” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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