The first trailer for "The 100" Season 4 has teased a nuclear apocalypse, some serious 'shipper fantasies and even more issues between Grounders, Sky People and the Ice Nation.

The one part of the trailer we've been playing over and over again, however, is the short tease of Octavia as an assassin: "They're calling her a Sky Ripper," Roan (Zach McGowan) morbidly reveals. "Death from above."

Is that not the coolest, scariest nickname ever?

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As for why Octavia has chosen to take on this deadly new pastime, Marie Avgeropoulos gave us a couple explanations for her character's violent storyline in Season 4.

"Octavia at the end of the season definitely took a really dark turn. She had the most horrific thing -- other than being born and raised underneath the floor -- happen to her," Avgeropoulos says. "She lost the love of her life, the only man that really ever believed in her and who really opened the door to being a Grounder and a warrior."

The death Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) in Season 3 hit everyone hard, but Octavia was no doubt the one person who was devastated by his parting. So devastated in fact that she ended the season by killing Pike (Michael Beach) after fighting side by side with him to defeat A.L.I.E.

"She thought that ending Pike's life would sort of bandaid that wound," Avgeropoulos says -- but from the looks of things in Season 4, that wound is still as raw as ever.

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The second reason for Octavia's new gun for hire status, seems to be pretty self-explanatory: Stick to what you know.

"Octavia's good at killing people," Avgeropoulos says. "Not that she takes joy or pleasure out of it, she's just good at it. She's never been really good at anything or useful for anything other than that, so she's really going to explore that dark territory a little more."

"The 100" premieres Feb. 1, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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