the 100 season 2 lindsey morgan steve talley 'The 100's' Lindsey Morgan: Raven will intervene with Finn's dark path (eventually)On Season 2 of “The 100,” Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) has suffered a severe setback. After being shot in the Season 1 finale, she underwent surgery to remove the bullet — without anesthesia — and while she’s still alive, she’s lost feeling in one of her legs. Morgan tells Zap2it that it’s incredibly frustrating for Raven, but she isn’t going to let it bring her down.

“Raven isn’t one to ever be depressed. She’s a ‘suck it up and move on’ kind of girl, which is great,” says Morgan. “But at the same time, this is a whole new challenge for her that she’s never had to face before. As much as she wants to pretend like nothing has changed and she’s still a bada**, every time she tries to be her old self and get back into a**-kicking mode something stops her and that’s very frustrating.

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“As much as she wants to sit and wallow, she knows she can’t,” Morgan adds. “But at the same time she’s learning she can’t go back to how she was. It’s impossible.”

Since Raven won’t be running around the forest any time soon, Morgan reveals that she’s working on the Sky people’s communication problem alongside a new character, Wick (Steve Talley, pictured above). But that doesn’t mean Raven won’t hear about Finn’s cold-blooded execution of the Grounder prisoner — and she will not be happy about it.

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“She’s not going to
witness any of [what he does], but when she does get wind of it, it does concern
her, definitely. Raven senses a change in Finn.” says Morgan. “She knows Finn better than anybody and she knows that’s
not him. There’s a part of her that doesn’t even want to believe it … Finn’s family and he’ll always be family.

definitely intervenes with Finn,” Morgan adds, “but she doesn’t know about it for a while.”

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