lindsey morgan eliza taylor the 100 season 2 winter premiere 'The 100's' Lindsey Morgan: Raven 'is furious with Clarke'When “The 100” returns with “Remember Me,” it picks back up immediately after Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has killed Finn (Thomas McDonell) to try to make an alliance with the Grounders. But not everyone supports what Clarke did, least of all Finn’s childhood sweetheart Raven (Lindsey Morgan).

Morgan tells Zap2it that Raven is not handling Finn’s death well and likens it to a personal loss that she and her family experienced outside the show while it was filming this season.

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“I find myself kind of floored sometimes, the similarities of what I
went through,” says Morgan. “You have moments where you’re so down, then you have
moments of lightness and happiness, and then you’re hit with a wave of
guilt. You have days when you’re fine, then you have days where you’re
knocked back down to square one. You really see Raven struggle through
it all. She goes anger, she goes through deep depression, she goes through guilt … For her, this
is probably the worst thing that could happen. She’s so vulnerable and

To add insult to injury, Raven and her fellow Ark inhabitants aren’t even allowed to grieve for Finn, as his body is returned to the site of the massacre to be used in the Grounder “death ritual.”

“It’s a slap in
the face to Raven because you already killed him, at least let me
grieve him how I want to, but she can’t, she’s not allowed to,” says Morgan. “She feels
so alone and disrespected — let me say goodbye to the person I loved
the way I want to.”

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Naturally, Raven’s anger is directed at the person responsible for Finn’s death and it isn’t pretty.

“Raven is furious [with Clarke],” says Morgan. “All Raven cared about was protecting Finn. She wants someone to blame, she wants to have somewhere to channel her pain and her anger and that’s Clarke.” But Morgan also says that Raven understands that even as she is mired in grief, she has to keep working toward saving her friends who are trapped in Mt. Weather.

“Raven is definitely one to throw herself into her work when she’s dealing with an issue,” says Morgan. “She doesn’t want to wallow, so she tries her hardest to be
productive, to be helpful. She
wants to do anything she can to keep busy, keep her mind off the
situation. But also she doesn’t want Finn’s death to be in vain. Plus, there
are people in Mt. Weather that she does care about. She’s furious with Clarke, but if Clarke made this decision, it better not be for nothing.”

“The 100” returns Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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