Thanks to the arrival of Luna (Nadia Hilker) and her radiation-sick people, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Abby (Paige Turco) now know that they’ve got even less time than they’d expected to figure out a way to survive the oncoming radiation. Lucky for them, Luna may have also brought a potential cure with her.

The mythology of the Nightbloods on “The 100” is sketchy at best, but we do know its origin story: When Becca (Erica Cerra) created a new form for ALIE’s AI technology and brought it to the ground, she also brought several injections of black fluid.

Miraculously, Becca was able to survive on the radiation-soaked planet — most likely thanks to this injection.

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What exactly that black fluid is, is a total mystery — but one can only assume it’s got a connection to the Grounders’ black blood (a.k.a. Nightblood) somehow. Clearly, whoever she administered these injections to passed it on to their descendants — Luna being the last of them.

Now, Luna seems to be the only one able to recover from radiation poisoning that killed a dozen of her tribe members, which is why we circle back to the Nightblood.

Does it carry some kind of immunity to radiation? If so, can Abby and Clarke isolate that immunity, and mass produce it to keep not just their own people but the Grounders alive? Whatever this miracle element is in the Nightblood, we can only hope that it can be passed on in more ways than just genetics. Also, let’s not go all Mount Weather on Luna and start drilling into her bone marrow! An easy and painful transference would be best.

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We also have to ask the question on everyone’s minds: Will Luna finally take the flame? Is that the key to saving the human race?

As the last Nightblood, she’s the only one that can successfully house the flame in her body and become Commander. Everyone else would be killed pretty gruesomely. Given that the flame houses the consciousness of all previous Commanders (in some way or another), Luna could end up being a direct link to Becca. If anyone can help them duplicate the black fluid, it’s her.

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