The latest plot twist on “The 100” has us worried about whether Raven (Lindsey Morgan) will survive to even see this radiation problem arrive in Season 4.

We’ve known for a while now that ALIE gave Raven’s brain an “upgrade,” which allowed her to code and hack with the best of them. After Wednesday’s (March 1) episode though, we now know that it also gave her some of Becca’s (Erica Cerra) memories, along with some pretty serious consequences.

When Clarke (Eliza) zapped Raven’s brain to boot ALIE out of it, she did some serious damage to Raven’s brain, and the side effects are no fun. Now, Raven’s got to be on the lookout for hallucinations and seizures, mixed in with some coded messages from Becca that could help recreate the Nightblood formula. She might even be going into space to pursue this mission — and we can only imagine what kind of damage that journey could have on her, not to mention Abby, who sustained brain damage the same way.

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That leads us to a pretty terrifying question: Is Raven marked for death?

“The 100” gained a reputation for killing their darlings early and often, and we can’t help but theorize that either Raven or Abby will be next on the chopping block, given this recent turn of events.

Unfortunately, we can’t imagine how the rest of the group (or humanity in general) will survive without either of them.

Abby’s medical skills have been vital whenever disaster has occurred over the years, and Raven has saved everyone’s butts more times than we can count. Losing either of them would be a serious blow to the survival odds of everyone on the ground. Neither of them are really in a place in their story where it makes sense for them to die — but if we had to take a guess, we’d say Raven is more likely than Abby.

Abby has just ventured into new territory, starting a relationship with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), and it would seem cruel to rob her of that happy ending when it’s finally in reach. Not to mention, she’s pretty important to this mission to recreate Nightblood. If Abby kicks the bucket, the entire world is pretty screwed.

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Raven’s story doesn’t feel like it’s been building up to her death either, but it makes a little bit of sense. Her improvements from ALIE have been a niggling doubt in the corner of our minds for a while, and now that we finally know the consequences, things look bleak. She’ll be integral in solving this Nightblood problem and getting them to space to recreate it, but after that, where does her story go?

We’ve been waiting for Raven to get a huge storyline all her own for a while now, and even though we’re bummed this one puts her on the path toward death, it’s still an incredibly juicy story to watch Lindsey Morgan sink her teeth into. Raven sure has gotten the raw end of the deal more often than not, so we’ll hope that she somehow survives — but at heart, she’s always been a martyr. Sacrificing herself so that everyone else can live seems exactly like the kind of heartbreaking choice Raven would make.

Maybe we’re wrong and Abby can find a way to reverse the brain damage ALIE inflicted on her and Raven, but if not… let’s just say we’re going to savor Raven’s intense storyline while we can.

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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