the 100 season 2 finale tease 'The 100' Season 2 finale's 'huge reveal' sets Season 3's courseUPDATE: Check out our post-game Q&A with Jason Rothenberg dissecting “The 100” Season 2 finale. Original post continues below.

“The 100” Season 2 wraps up with an episode that will leave viewers with as many questions as answers — maybe more questions than answers. Check back with Zap2it right after the episode airs Wednesday night (March 11) to get all the details, and read on for four teases from executive producer Jason Rothenberg, both for the Season 2 finale and what’s coming in Season 3.

The ending will make your head spin

“This season ends with a huge reveal,” teases Rothenberg. “We turn the ship into Season 3 the way we did last year with the white room and Clarke waking up in Mt. Weather. I get bored if the story stays the same for too long. I like to expand outward and build more and more of the world, so the ending of Season 2 will do that.”

Season 3 is coming together

definitely have an outline in my mind [for Season 3],” says Rothenberg.
“I know what I want the season to be, much like I came into this season
knowing the big moves — I knew Finn was going to die, I knew what was
going to happen in the finale.”

“But when you sit down and you
start story-boarding things and breaking things in the room with 12
brains instead of one, it starts to change and hopefully made better,”
he concludes. “I don’t have it all yet, but I know the big moves.”

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‘Clexa’ is not reconciling yet

“[Lexa’s] story wrapped up last episode,” says Rothenberg. “After her betrayal, she took her army and left, and essentially left Clarke to die. I think she probably assumed that’s what would happen, even if it was hard for her.

“But there is no 11th-hour change of heart. That’s not the way Lexa rolls. She made a really hard decision and she stuck with it.” But Rothenberg does say there are some Lexa-related storylines he hopes to explore in Season 3, so viewers might see her again.

The Ice Nation will also have to wait

There’s so much going on in the Season 2 finale that the “Ice Nation” that has been mentioned on the show will also have to wait for next year. Rothenberg says he certainly hasn’t forgotten about it, but it will also be tricky to pull off.

“That’s an aspect of the world that’s out there and interesting, but it’s really hard, from a production standpoint, to do the Ice Nation,” says Rothenberg. “We start shooting in July, so even in Vancouver, it’s hard. There’s a glacier, I’m told? [laughs]. I’m investigating ways to tell that story. We’ll see whether it’s possible.”

The EP praises his production team, though, and says that if he really, really wants it, they’ll find a way. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the ‘Game of Thrones’ crews on three different continents [laughs]. But the production team is remarkable … I’m sure they could pull off the Ice Nation if I pushed hard enough. And I may do that, because I’m fascinated by that story too.”

“The 100” finale airs Wednesday, March 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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