thomas mcdonell the 100 reapercussions 'The 100' Season 2: Finn's dark turn scares Clarke“The 100” ended Wednesday’s (Nov. 5) episode, “Reapercussions,” with a literal bang as former pacifist Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) shot a captured Grounder in the head execution-style after the boys had extracted the information that they needed from him. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg and two of the show’s stars tell Zap2it that Finn takes a dark turn this season.

“We’re telling the story of innocence lost and what war and situations like our people find themselves in can do to you,” says Rothenberg. “In this case, the girl that [Finn] loves is missing, all of his friends are missing. He really goes from the guy who was the peacemaker in Season 1, episode 9 to the guy in the Season 1 finale who has picked up a weapon and has joined that battle.

“This season picks that up and takes it way, way, way further. He’s obsessed. He’s on a march to find Clarke and the others — he’ll do anything. Nothing will stop him from getting back with them and, of course, we know that he’s looking in the wrong place.”

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Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, adds, “There’s been a lot of role reversal this season. A lot of people have taken very dark — like dark — turns. I think I’m always slowly turning darker and darker. Just the circumstances and the things that [Clarke’s] been through. That changes you, absolutely.”

Lindsey Morgan (Raven) sees Finn as “questioning everything, especially who he is. Because Finn is going through a huge metamorphosis of what he thought he was and who he is. Now he doesn’t know, I don’t think. He’s really confused.”

When Finn is
finally reunited with Clarke, she’s “definitely shocked at the things
that he’s done to try to find her,” Taylor says. “[She] partly feels responsible and
also is partly angry and almost scared of this new person that he’s

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Additional reporting by Jean Bentley

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