'Amazing Race' winners Amy and Maya 'loved the twist' even if fans didn't
Hands down, Amy DeJong and Maya Warren would not have won Season 25 of the “The Amazing Race” if the new twist allowing four teams into the finals hadn’t been introduced to the show.

In the penultimate episode of the season, host Phil Keoghan revealed that for the first time in the show’s history, four teams would be making it to the final leg of the race. For DeJong and Warren, that meant that even though they came in last in the second-to-last leg and would have been eliminated in any previous season, they were automatically allowed to continue racing.

“It really shows ‘The Amazing Race’ is completely unpredictable — there’s always a new twist around the corner,” DeJong tells Zap2it. “You just have to run the best race you can.”

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In the end, had the twist not been in place, they would have gone home empty-handed and one of Top 3 teams would have won. Instead, they took home a million bucks, which, obviously, was good news for DeJong and Warren.

“We loved the twist,” says Warren. “The race has been on for 25 seasons. They have to throw in some new twists every now and then. There wasn’t always an express pass, there wasn’t always the save … this is just another twist that they added into the race itself. So we loved it, but other cast members, maybe not so much.”

Although Warren loved the twist, the duo known as “The Candy Girls” have definitely seen their fair share of viewer backlash. After all, they were pretty much brought back from the dead thanks to the new twist.

“There have definitely been negative responses,” admits Warren. “If we hadn’t won, it would be interesting to see what the responses would have been at that moment.”

However, ultimately, no matter how viewers and players feel about the twist, DeJong and Warren won fair and square.

“We don’t make the rules,” says Warren. “We just run the race by them.”

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Posted by:Casey Rackham