“The Bachelor” sent shock waves through nation last week after announcing that Nick Viall would be the next leading man for its upcoming season.

Not only were fans surprised that neither of JoJo Fletcher’s former “Bachelorette” suitors Luke Pell or Chasey McNary were tapped for the honor, but the network itself spoiled the end of “Bachelor in Paradise” before its finale aired. It’s safe to say Nick and Jenn are not one of the couples getting engaged.

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So, how is this going to play out? Nick and Jen are still a couple heading into Monday (Sept. 5) night’s episode. Nick knew he was in the Top 3, but he probably didn’t think he would actually win out over Luke. The latter told US Weekly that he had his bags packed and was ready to hop on a flight from Nashville to Los Angeles 11 hours before the official announcement was made.

The day after Viall was chosen, former “Paradise” co-star Lauren Himle called out Viall for pulling a Robby Hayes and dumping Jen the moment he found out he would be on the show.

While talking with Detroit’s The Ticket radio station, Lauren says, “They were still seeing each other after the show completed.” Yes, “Still together in a relationship. They were solid a week ago … it’s fresh.”

Jen %27Kind of like me%27 GIF %27BIP%27

At this point, Nick’s main job in life seems to be that of a Bachelor Nation star. The morning before the announcement, he told Glamour that he’s unsure of how to approach the upcoming “Paradise” finale in regards to whether he’d propose or not, saying, “I definitely see a lot of potential with Jen. I respect [her] so much that I want to make sure we’re on the same page and respectful of each other’s emotions.”

After hearing Lauren’s comments, however, it sounds like Nick and Jen are on complete opposite pages. It’s also questionable if Nick knows the real definition of the word respect. He was never contemplating actually proposing to Jen, he was waiting for that official “The Bachelor” phone call.

nick viall gif Dont worry, The Bachelor can make it up to Jen after Paradise

In Nick’s defense, it is a tough opportunity to turn down. Even if he was super into Jen, maybe it was too soon to say, “I love you,” and put a ring on it. He had to feel things out if he wasn’t 100% sure about her.

And so, this is where things get tricky. It’s clear that right now, Jen is pissed. She posted this photo to Instagram the day after Nick was named “The Bachelor,” with the caption that reads: “and then sometimes you just to book a F* it flight to NYC.”

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Shock waves would once again blow through Bachelor Nation if Jen showed up to the mansion to vie for Nick’s heart, and bringing Jen back into picture would be a classic surprise twist for the long running ABC series. Plus, it would be the best thing to happen to Jen after two stints on national TV is still best known as, “Umm … who?”

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While this is all speculative, the pieces fit. It would be a win/win for everyone involved. Nick may seem like unlikeable jerk at the moment, but he most likely discussed this decision with Jen since he knew it was a future possibility.

Not to mention, it was way too soon in their relationship for Jen to be able to ask Nick to turn down this kind of opportunity. Sure, Jen is understandably upset that he accepted “The Bachelor,” but realistically she should understand why he did.

Especially, if it also allows her to return to national TV as part of the deal. Because what a ratings winner love story that would be!

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“Bachelor in Paradise” airs on Mondays and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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