Poor Olivia. Finally, after months of being made fun of on social media, the biggest villain of "The Bachelor" was finally able to speak her peace. It was no mystery that the news anchor was embarrassed by the wrong things she said -- and did -- over the course of the season (including opening her mouth too much).

Luckily she was able to dredge up some genuine emotion when Chris Harrison asked her how life has changed since the show aired. For the first time viewers saw Olivia teary-eyed as she gave a sincere apology to Amanda and the rest of the women whom she hurt.

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In fact, she was able to successfully play the victim after multiple women went on the attack during the show's taping. The evil twins -- Hailey and Emily -- seemed like they were a member of the Plastics when they made national television with their Olivia burn book.

Olivia continues the display of redeeming qualities when she called the twins out for making mean and childish remarks about her breath, toes and cankles.

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When Ben Higgins finally made his appearance, the women changed their tune to play nice. It was especially unfortunate to see them tear down each other and still say nothing but kind words about the man who broke each of their hearts.


Either Caila ran out of tears from being dumped by Ben or she seems to be moving on to bigger and better pastures, like ... "The Bachelorette" perhaps?

Posted by:Mannie Holmes