Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Chad Johnson started out on this season of “The Bachelorette” as its apprehensive break-out star. He was the extremely good-looking brooding guy who understandably wasn’t into blindly following the high jinx of fake reality TV. But as the series continued, and Chad’s aggressive on screen presence started to overshadow even that of the show’s charming star JoJo Fletcher, his emotionally unstable borderline personality began to reveal itself.

Things quickly spiraled for the meat-eating jerk and JoJo eventually sent him packing. While his crazy work-outs and constant threats to beat up the other guys in the house garnered him a lot of attention at first, his egotistical personality is already  tiresome for most viewers. We want to refocus the attention on a man actually worthy of JoJo’s affection.

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Even though he’s no longer competing for love on “The Bachelorette,” Chad will be extending his 15 minutes as a contestant on the next season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” and it appears that he’s trying to rehab his image before returning to national TV.


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After claiming time and time again on Twitter that he hasn’t seen any of the aired episodes, something nobody in their right mind actually believed, Chad took a note straight out of Shia LaBeouf’s meta PR handbook. He posted a video on Instagram of him watching himself on “The Bachelorette” and laughing. “So I finally watched the show at my sisters.. Holy tits now I understand why some people hate me! Haha but some parts were hilarious too LOL.”

The luxury real-estate agent couldn’t even handle lighthearted sarcastic remarks from the other guys in the house during his “Bachelorette” tenure. He responded with threats to hunt the person down, rip their arms off their torsos and toss their body parts into a pool. In fact, the last time we saw Chad, a moment no one can forget no matter how hard they try,  he was standing outside “The Bachelorette” house after getting eliminated, clawing his hands down the back door. It’s the scene that sealed the door anyone ever finding him attractive ever again.

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Another reason for his necessary image rehab: While it totally seems that he can post and laugh at videos for which he’s the butt of the joke, his high level of narcissism is still largely in play. Chad is relishing the fact that he’s become prominent enough to be featured on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” regardless if it’s just fodder, or not.

Chad also revealed to his followers that the weird whistle he appeared to be performing while creeping in the background during many of JoJo’s dates was edited in by producers. He even found the exact whistle tune to prove it.

The whistle LOL @skrillex #TheBachelorette

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Perhaps Chad has hired a PR specialist ala Olivia Pope to rebrand his career as a more likable reality TV personality. Does he all of a sudden seem like a totally normal dude now that you know he wasn’t whistling while threatening to kill JoJo’s other dates? For a lot of people, it’s possible to see how the answer is yes. If producers made him seem like Norman Bates with that disturbing whistle, what else was added during post-production at Chad’s expense to up the entertainment value of the show?

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If Chad is starting to win you back over, remember that he still posts things on social media like this snapchat selfie below. What exactly does he mean by the term “pizza pump”? Do we even want to know?

Don't be a dick, follow me on snapchat LOL – REALCHADJOHNSON

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Oh, and former reality TV star villain Spencer Pratt thinks he’s a “hero.” Anyone who happily receives accolades from this bleached blonde sorry sack of a human that was once fervently hated on “The Hills,” is not to be trusted.

But maybe the fact that the Pratt has fallen from the public conscious, that his obnoxious antics never extended his 15 minutes is what has spurned Chad’s new attempt at an amiable tone on social media.

Can Chad keep up this “I’m actually a good guy” charade? Audiences have already seen the horror that lies beneath those perfectly sculpted muscles. He’s not that bright, and he loves himself more than anything else in the world. Any girlfriend of his needs to be okay that they will always be second, or third fiddle to his gym routine and meat consumption diet. Even the best publicist in the world might not be able to save Chad from being Chad.

“The Bachelorette” returns with an all new episode on Monday, June, 20, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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