Zap2it vowed to move on from discussing this season’s “The Bachelorette” villain Chad Johnson, but he refuses to go away. The Chadinator is already confirmed for “Bachelor in Paradise” which premieres Aug. 2, but the man is thirsty for more. Chad is using every possible social media outlet to keep the spotlight on him. It is why we were wary to even write this post, but his level of desperation — to keep his 15 minutes going — is quite entertaining at the moment.

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Chad first appeared to hit bottom after JoJo Fletcher sent him packing by sharing a collage of photos to Instagram in which he’s hooking up with fellow contestant — Robby Hayes’ girlfriend — Hope Higginbotham.

This brings up so many unsettling questions. How did they bump into each other? There’s no way they just so happened to be in the same place at the same time. During Monday’s (June 20) Skype interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Chad said they met while “traveling,” which couldn’t be more of a vague answer.

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He still claims to be single, which makes sense. Most of Chad’s fans are girls who can somehow ignore every word that comes out of his mouth —  apparently too enthralled with his handsome face and incredibly toned body. We suspect he’s going to keep up the “I’m available” charade for quite some time. However, he probably is … most definitely … available.

Reaching a new low on Wednesday (June 22), Chad tweeted that if he reached 300,000 followers on Instagram, he would share a “dick pic.”

Please … no. If you’re following Chad on Instagram, it may be time to hit the unfollow button. Also, notice that he put the word “dick” in quotation marks, and added an “LoL” for good measure. If Chad reaches his goal, he will definitely post a penis photo. But will it be of his private parts? We don’t think so, not unless he wants to be immediately banned by the social network.

Oh, and then there’s this video. Chad’s deep thirst for attention is actually uncomfortable watch.

Much like the suitcase strapped to his waist before he does his daily pull-ups — the “Bolton Ramsay” as Kimmel aptly describes him — Chad is hanging around for a bit. And if the the #dolladollabillz doesn’t jumpstart your gag reflex each time you see it, then by all means, follow this wreck on Instagram.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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