Jordan Rodgers made it clear on Monday night’s (July 11) episode of “The Bachelorette” that his NFL MVP superstar sibling — we’re referring to Aaron Rodgers here, folks — will not be around for the much anticipated hometown date.

While JoJo Fletcher appeared nonplussed by this information, audiences everywhere groaned with frustration. Learning that the all-star Green Bay Packer, along with his famous girlfriend Olivia Munn, would not be having an awkward family dinner with Jordan and JoJo while reality TV cameras rolled was a huge letdown.

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Jordan tells JoJo that “its not ideal,” and that he doesn’t speak to Aaron because he doesn’t agree with how his famous bro “has chosen to do life.” However, Jordan is best friends with his eldest brother, Luke. And Luke Rodgers will most definitely be around for the hometown date.

So, who is this Rodgers brother? He’s a 34-year-old guy who’s cool enough to wear matching onesies with Jordan on Christmas morning.

Luke has a french bulldog named Carl Weathers that he loves very much.

Luke shares parenting duties of Carl with the love of his life, Lindsay Davis — a former 2011 Miss Ohio.

It must be noted that Luke is really, super duper in love with this girl. Every other post is him gushing about Lindsay. He can’t seem to get over the fact that he’s dating a model.

Perhaps, “The Bachelor” missed out on having Luke as its star. He kisses the ground Lindsay walks on. This man sure knows how to treat a lady. And he could’ve the guy that was there for all the right reasons.

He also really loves his baby bro, Jordan.

Luke and Jordan work out, hang out and dine out together all the time. Middle brother Aaron is noticeably missing from every family vacation, birthday and holiday photo. It appears that it’s not just Jordan who’s on the outs with the famous football stud — Jordan doesn’t appear to have any sort of relationship with him either. Even back in this 2012 interview, Luke mentions that he and Aaron never really got along.

ET online reports that no one in the family speaks to Aaron and that “the entire situation is painful” for everyone.

As for work, Luke is the CEO of ProMerch. The company’s website bills itself as the seller of “Craftsman apparel for the REAL fan.” Unfortunately, though, appears to have closed up shop. Still, it looks the entire line of ProMerch gear — for both men and women – is available and sold at Target. Even with all the apparent family drama, the Nashville based company still sells shirts with Luke and Jordan’s estranged brother’s face on it.

Just like his father Ed, and both brothers, Luke is a major sports fan and serves as part-time NFL Insider contributor at 247sports. So, there’s no doubt that when JoJo comes to town, a pigskin will be thrown around before dinner… it just won’t be a bullet toss from the power arm of Aaron. And based on the broken family’s relationship with Aaron, there might be a room reminiscent of Ray Finkle’s.

Okay, maybe that’s going a little too far. But if there is, the family will probably fix it up before “The Bachelorette” cameras arrive, so it’s possible we’ll never really know.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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