Wells Adams made himself an early fan favorite this season on “The Bachelorette” to win JoJo Fletcher’s heart. He came out of the gate strong, hiring All For One to sing a capella during his limousine entrance. He almost passed out — endearingly so — while trying to win the fireman challenge. Plus, he’s just plain adorable.

Checking out the radio DJ’s Instagram, it’s easy to see his love for beanie hats and affinity for his dogs. Also, it looks like he’s been harboring his guitar skills so far this season. But what’s really entertaining are his hilarious throwback photos. With self-deprecating humor, he exhibits no shame  in posting his high school portrait and wonderfully awkward childhood photos.

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A lot can be said by looking at a man’s Instagram, so we’re hoping JoJo has been able to take a peek at Wells’ account. Zap2it is giving him an honorary social media rose for his stellar social media game. Heck, if you’re looking to fill the black hole void that is the upcoming two-week “Bachelorette” hiatus, here are some of Wells’ best Flashback Friday posts.

Clearly, Wells was a kid of many talents

Who else could pull off this gangster pose while rocking a turtleneck in a school class photo?

Who wears turtlenecks and gives zero fucks? This guy. #tbt

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Wells must be a sentimental guy.

Even in a double-breasted jacket, he’s adorable

It’s not clear if this costume was for Halloween, or if he just liked to dress up with his best friend, but who cares? Too cute.

#tbt He's still my best friend. #TomSawyer #HuckleberryFinn

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Wells must’ve been a little heart-breaker in the 6th grade … and the class clown.

#tbt to 6th grade. I still have and wear those suspenders..

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Wells owned the ’90s

Now, let’s flash forward to present day. Oh, hello …

Definitely Top 3 material. Watch out Luke, Robby and Jordan … sometimes the nice funny guy finishes first

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