rachel frederickson biggest loser season 15 nbc 3 'Biggest Loser' Rachel Frederickson's drastic weight loss: Are you still mad?
Plenty of pop-culture stories from 2014 were fodder for public outrage. As the year comes to a close, Zap2it takes a look back at some of the biggest uproars and asks: U Still Mad?

“The Biggest Loser” has a reputation for changing people’s lives for the better; however, there was one massive change that fans had a hard time swallowing: Rachel Frederickson’s jaw-dropping weight loss.

During the Season 15 finale in February, Frederickson stood next to the old version of herself and appeared, as many people noticed, to have lost an unhealthy amount of weight. In fact, the scale revealed that she had dropped to 105 pounds on a 5’4″ frame. Basically, in the span of the season, she went from one drastic weight to another.

And fans weren’t alone in that opinion — the trainers were also shocked by her weight loss.

bob harper jillian michaels the biggest loser rachel frederickson reaction nbc 'Biggest Loser' Rachel Frederickson's drastic weight loss: Are you still mad?
“Nobody told me, like, ‘Oh, hey, Rachel is very, very thin.’ Bob [Harper] and I had no idea,” Michaels said afterward. “Nobody had told us. Nobody had said anything to us. So yes, I was stunned. Obviously, I thought she had lost too much weight.”

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Ultimately, Frederickson even admitted that she might have pushed herself too far and that she might have been “a little too enthusiastic” when it came to preparing for the finale. Obviously taking some of the comments to heart, two months following the finale, Frederickson revealed that she had gained back 20 pounds and had found her “perfect weight.”

However, the fact still remains that Frederickson was allowed to lose that much weight in the first place and that she wasn’t monitored more closely while she was off of the ranch.

rachel frederickson biggest loser nbc 'Biggest Loser' Rachel Frederickson's drastic weight loss: Are you still mad?
So now that it’s almost a year later, Zap2it wants to know: Are you still upset with Frederickson’s insane weight loss, the show for allowing that to happen or the trainers? Or have you completely moved on? Sound off, below.

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