the biggest loser season 16 episode 4 double header dolvett quince jessie pavelka nbc 'The Biggest Loser' Season 16 episode 3: Watching Dolvett, Jessie, and Jen eat junk food is kind of fun

Woody. Seriously, man. You make us cry every episode. 
But then “The Biggest Loser” always makes us cry, and Thursday (Sept. 25) was no exception. Not just Woody. The “Wall of Glory” was a wonderful, tangible way to provide a moment of pride for the athletes as a community. But they know the past is in the past, and there’s nowhere to go but up. 
Or is it down?
During the first workout, week 3 is hitting the contestants in major ways. Rondalee and Lori aren’t engaging in the process. Compared to Damien, who is knocking out burpees like it’s his job, they’re going to have a hard time. But by the last chance workout, they’re all kicking it into high gear. 
The first challenge of the night quizzed the teams on the quick crash course in nutrition and calories, teaching them about portion sizes and food choices. The winning team gets a two pound advantage at the scale. The losing team’s trainers, however, had to, literally, eat the unhealthy food in question. The white team wins the challenge. 
And we’re sorry. It is a total schadenfreude moment watching Dolvett, Jessie and Jen eat bacon cheeseburgers with soda, pie, and egg rolls. Dolvett looks angry and nauseated at the same time. Oh, those contestants are going to pay for making them poison their bodies.
The second challenge is a 24.8 mile spinner bike race, and the winning team gets a four pound advantage on the scale. And the bikes are cranked as though they’re going uphill the whole time. The trainers are able to strategically sub out team members as they go. In the end, again, the white team wins. They can choose to take the extra four pounds or get letters from home. They choose the advantage — and the red and blue teams get letters from home.
A total of six pounds advantage at the weigh-in. Not insignificant. Letters from home … also not insignificant.
Quick aside — wow, Sonya. Way to admit something incredibly personal on national TV. You win all the breakthrough awards this week.
At the weigh-in, the white team pulls out the win — and their 6 pound advantage actually didn’t make a difference. They would have won without it. The blue team, with only 16 pounds loss total, is sent to the voting room, where they send Chandra home.
Meanwhile at the Comeback Canyon 
Emmy has arrived to be welcomed by Bob Harper, and Andrea is ready to take her on. As Bob wooos, “I got two girls who want to be here!”  But in the end, Emmy wins with a loss of 6 pounds to Andrea’s 4 pounds.
Jen’s white team is the team to beat right now. And Chandra is on her way to see Bob.
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Posted by:Kiley Thompson